Z820 Bootblock Modification

First post, so sorry for posting in the wrong area of the forum, i tried to ask this in off-topic but my profile dosn’t yet have access to this section. It’s a quick and relatively straight forward question and i was hoping to get the opinion of the seasoned veterans on this site.

I have a Z820 (v1) running the earlier 2011 bootblock.
In the release notes of BIOS 3.05 for my Z820 there is a note that states that this BIOS upgrades the bootblock. Picture attached.


On my motherboard there is a jumper to allow writing to the bootblock (Although the BIOS revision notes do not mention the need to do this!)
I have performed this update with and without the jumper set for the writing the bootblock but the old bootblock date remains.

Why do you it is stated on the HP BIOS that it upgrades the bootblock and then dosnt do it? There were only 2 bootblocks known for the Z820 the 2011 and the 2013, therefore this line about the bootblock update can only reference the 2011 bootblock models of the z820.

I’ve read nearly every post on the subject accross the internet and have a hard time believing that the only fix to update the bootblock is to dump and write it back to the chip via hardware bios flashing. Makes no sense that the release note hint that the BIOS is ment to do this in software alone. There have been many references to disabling ME on the motherboard to get Ivy Bridge CPU’s to work on the V1 motherboards, and yet most people who have updated their old 2011 bootblock Z820’s from ME 7.1 > ME 8.1 still cant run the ivybridge CPU’s.

Can anyone advise as to what they think has happened here and whether a bootblock update is in fact possible in software alone?

Thanks for any opinions or info you can share. I just want to understand.