Z83 II mini PC BIOS

I have such a minuscule PC running Windows 10 x64.
it is a very basic product and also the BIOS is really stripped.
the system is having some issues (LAN doesn’t switch off with PC, no sound playback via mini jack) and was wondering if the BIOS could be edited/updated adding some options to address the issues


Anybody with a clue?

If you have BIOS related problem with your Z83 II mini PC, I recommend to contact the manufacturer, which seems to be the Company Bqeel.

thank you for the answer Dieter, the manufacturer is AZW and they are not really helpful.
I managed to get a copy of the current BIOS but am not sure whether it is possible to process it with the UBU or another tool. It is a very "rough" UEFI BIOS as it is missing the whole "advanced" submenu

@elisw :
I cannot help you and I really doubt, that you will be able yourself to solve your problem by any BIOS modification. Maybe a BIOS Guru like CodeRush can give you an advice, but the risk of a bricked PC is on your side anyway.