Z97 Extreme6 with Six SSD's in Raid0

My System— Z97Extreme6 with Latest Bios Firmware, 32gb Ram, Six Revo SSD’s 120gb.
Using On-board Raid Connected in Raid0 Stripe, Windows 7 Pro x64.
I have Measured the Speed with HdTunePro.
With Two Drives ( Revo840 ) I get 1042Mb/s.
With Four ( Revo850 )I get 1547Mb/s.
With Six ( Two 840’s + four 850’s ) I get 1554Mb/s.
I can’t understand whats wrong here, I thought with Six Drives the Speed would be Much Faster.
I can understand that with Raid and using conventional Disks that they all have to be the of the same Model , Size and Series.
But with SSD’s from my understanding that it does not matter that the Raid will set the speed to the speed of the slowest drive.
So I can only think of three possibilities here;–
1-- I have reached whats called ( The Point of Diminishing Returns ).
2— The On-board Raid is not intelligent enough to configure itself any faster.
3— The Mixture of the drives is the Bottleneck.
I’m not prepared to Splash out more Cash on Two more 850’s, just find I have the same problem.
Can anyone confirm if a Six Port Raid Card would give Faster Speed than 1554/mb/s with these Six Drives.

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The maximal speed of SATA3 connected SSDs is limited, even if you combine a llot of fast SSDs to a RAID0 array.
You will get already nearly the maximal benchmark scores with 3 SSDs. To put more than 4 SSDs into an Intel RAID0 array is absolutely useless. You enhance just the risk of a complete data loss, but not the performance of your system.

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It is known, that the bus between CPU and PCH (or northbridge and southbridge) on Intel systems is somewhat … slow.
You have an Intel Z97 chipset which utilizes DMI 2.0, as seen in the official block diagram.
DMI 2.0 is limited to 2 GB/s, as you can see on Wikipedia.
The rest of the bandwidth is used to communicate with other devices (USB, etc.) and overhead, of course.

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Thanks for that info.
So would I be right in saying that an PCIE2 Raid Card with these Six SSD’s would give me More Speed.
If so can you recommend any particular make and model.
It’s hard trying to find which raid card would give me the speed that I want.
Also they can be very expensive.
Not knowing what the difference is between a cheap one as opposed to dearer one is frustrating.

It is an illusion to believe, that it is possible to boost the speed of your system by putting more than 3-4 SSDs into a RAID0 array. You will not even realize the performance gain of any additional SSD.
The question is: Do you want phantastic benchmark results or more speed while doing your daily work?
If it should be the first alternative, I recommend to run a good Samsuing SSD in "RAPID" mode, but if you are interested in a noticeable performance boost, you should wait a few years for future generations of chipsets, storage disk drives and data transfer protocols.

Fernando, What really got interested in this is The Speed of accessing Web Sites on the internet, like when you Search for something on the Net, How Fast it comes back with an answer.
It’s the Speed of these Data Centers and Servers.
I am now of the opinion I either need a Server Motherboard or a Good Raid Card, but I am open to suggestions.

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What really got interested in this is The Speed of accessing Web Sites on the internet, like when you Search for something on the Net, How Fast it comes back with an answer.
It's the Speed of these Data Centers and Servers.
The time you need to get access to any web site depends much more on your internet connection, the quality of the target web server and the current web traffic than on the quality of your computer.