Zephyrus S17 GX703HR modding (want help!)

Hello friends.
Recently, i started my laptop bios mod.
I dumped via FPTW64.EXE (correct version 15)
dump file:
dump.rom - Google Drive
and i changed mod file.
i modded to open my hidden advanced feature
mod file: mod.rom - Google Drive

but i have a problem
problem is Error 167 : FPRR set by bios.
i tried to FPRR offset off. (i used grubshell 2.03 / and i found offset FPRR is 0x683.)
And i chat "setup_var Pchsetup 0x683 0x00
it looks like worked. but nothing changed.

So i want to know about how to DISABLE FPRR
and my modified bios is corrently changed?

please help me…

HI again.
I found GRUBSHELL 2.06 and try to change FPRR, CFG LOCK, BIOS LOCK
BUT Asus blocked their laptop bios.
(I get error 0x8000000000000001a / mean cannot set variable using efi)

And i try using AMIBCP, and failed.
There is no way to get my own modified BIOS?