About the Skylake motherboard upgrade BIOS support Kaby Lake CPU question!

Is there a tutorial on Skylake motherboard upgrade BIOS support Kaby Lake CPU?
If the motherboard is a well-known brand, manufacturers generally provide an upgraded BIOS. But I have a branded motherboard, and the manufacturer does not provide a BIOS that supports the Kaby Lake CPU. If you just add the Kaby Lake CPU microcode through MMTool, the motherboard will not light up properly. I don’t know which modules to modify or where to modify to be compatible with Kaby Lake CPU!


I saw a related post in the forum, but there seems to be no suitable solution!
This is a post connection:
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You need similar to that, but you need to find which ME version you need to use. So you need ME version, vBIOS change, and microcodes.
Please give a link to your motherboard page, then I can look into this for you tonight. I think I know which ME you need, but I’ll have to do some digging around, last thread I did that on we still have not had luck, but I think it’s due to OEM/HP non-common BIOS configurations.
RE:HP EliteOne 800 G2 CPU Gen6 to Gen7

In that thread, I should discuss finding the correct ME version to use. I’ll check it all out tonight when I have more time, if you don’t get it all sorted out and done by then