Acer Aspire V5-573G corrupted Intel ME FW

I bought used laptop, and Intel ME not found Devices Manager. And Intel ME not install (unsupported hardware).
I found this BIOS setting.

BIOS chip info

Me info

fptw64 -greset work, but not fix this. :frowning:

Attempts to do an SPI dump failed with a Code 26 error:
Error 26: The host CPU does not have read access to the target flash area. To enable read access for this operation you must modify the descriptor settings to give host access to this region.



You need to use 9.5 tools, as found at the ME thread, not 10.0 or anything else. Enable that BIOS option and then use Flash Programming Tool with “fptw -d spi.bin” command. If that fails, try “fptw -me -d me.bin”. Compress and attach the resulting file.

I enabled ME FW re-flash. But write Error 26.

Are you using a modded BIOS or similar? I doubt that these options appear on stock Acer BIOS. Have you tried flashing the latest from Acer first? If no, I suggest you do that. If yes, try this:

1. Download the attachment and place the “efi” folder at the root of a USB drive
2. Boot from the USB drive while the system starts
3. Run “setup_var 0x1EE 0x01” and reboot manually
4. Run Flash Programming Tool with the command "fptw -me -d me.bin"
5. If it completes successfully, compress & attach/upload “me.bin” file (765 KB)

Acer V5-573G default is possible enable hidden BIOS menu (Fn + Tab button). Similar a modded BIOS.
I runned “setup_var 0x1EE 0x01”, but fptw not work. Error 26.

It seems that the BIOS does not actually enable ME Re-Flash, that option does nothing. The other solutions require physical access to the motherboard. I don’t know if you’re comfortable with such things.

I don’t really understand the physical access solutions. :confused:

Physical access means that you would need to open the laptop and mess with the motherboard. One requires shorting two pins at the motherboard audio chip while the system starts and the other completely desoldering the SPI chip to use a hardware programmer.

Fixed: I bought new BIOS chips and solder new chips.