Acer Nitro AN515-57, H20EZE issue for Serials change

Hello, I use acer nitro AN515-57, I been using h20EZE tool to change serial numbers just to test it , but after I restart my laptop, the changes won’t stick. I heard I need to unlock bios but I have no idea how, if anyone can make me a modded bios file or something to flash with it and change my serials it would mean the world, or teach me how to do it, Thank you!.

DMI block start offset for your BIOS should be the following:
full dump B2D000h;
BIOS region 82D000h.

Just save SPI chip contents and you good to proceed changing serials with a binary editor.

Sorry I don’t quite understand haha , is there anywhere I can find the steps or search for the steps on how to do that? Or some tools?, Also by save SPI do you mean save my old serials in a file or something so I can change them back? Thank you in advance!

The forum search box is all yours.


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«Another tool, which is able to flash a modded BIOS into the BIOS chip of Intel Chipset mainboards is the "Flash Programming Tool (FPT)", which is part of the related Intel (CS)ME System Tools version. You can find the specific Intel CSME System Tools for your mainboard within the chapter C2 of >this< start post.»

Using FPT you can read&write that file. HxD tool is for editing.

Thank you!