ACPI or Full Unlock Bios - XMG Neo 15 (AMD2021) - TongFang GM5ZG8W - MECH-15 G3

Hi there,

I hope it is not rude of me to ask this. But I am struggeling to find another solution. On the Bios from XMG the complete ACPI Settings are hidden as are much other settings. So I can not turn the notebook in to S3 Standby mode. The S0 modern standby is completly useless… Even more if you travel a lot with a backpack and the device is burning hot if you take it out being in S0 "modern" standby.

2022-01-02 13_38_25-C__Windows_system32_cmd.exe.png

The notebook is an XMG Neo 15 (AMD 2021) simlar to the TongFang GM5ZG8W or the MECH-15 G3.

I attached the current latest official Bios from XMG.

Thanks a lot for your help or for pushing me in the right direction.

Yves (6.76 MB)

You should look around the forum about TONGFANG machines, there’s plenty of info on the same subject, for now here’s 2 main threads:

OverPowered TONGFANG CyberPower Machrevo MACHENIKE - Unlocked BIOS Guide W/ Files

[SOLVED] How to unlock BIOS options of rebranded TONGFANG chassis systems?

But those are all Intel based… I was unsure if this is simlar… since some of the tools could not read out the AMD bios. For example chipsec…

I know I’m late to this post, but I have a solution. Please let me know if you want it.

Yeah, still have that Notebook and I am very interessted in the solution :slight_smile:

There’s two ways you can go about doing this, you can use AMISCE at BIOS/UEFI Utilities – Google Drive, or you can use Universal AMD Form Browser at GitHub - DavidS95/Smokeless_UMAF. I would do the latter, and here’s a guide on how to do it.