Actual Marvell Yukon LAN ROM request

For the LAN Marvell is fine this 11AB-4364_v6.60.2.3.BIN?

The original is 55kb while this is 57kb.

thanks regards

Since I have no Marvell LAN Controller, I cannot answer your question.

Where did you get the bigger version and which version is the original ROM file?

I have attached the original version and the new

I do not know which version is the original

The new and bigger I’ve found it here


Marvell.rar (64.7 KB)

@ bransk:
With my actual holiday equipment (an iPad with the OS iOS) I am neither able to unzip the attached file nor to compare the related modules.
When I will back home, I will do a look into your attachment.

Hi did you see the files?

Hi bransk

I tested the Marvell OROM you posted some time ago. I later found a which is the one I currently use. I have also updated the EEPROM on the 2 NIC’s. See…ue/page__st__15

Marvell Yukon 88E8056 v6-68-1-3.rar (35.7 KB)

@ thxtex:
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Thanks for having found and uploaded the actual Marvell Yukon LAN ROM module v6.68.1.3.
I will add it to the start post of >this< thread.

@ bransk and thxtex:
Since the discussion about the Marvell LAN ROM version has nothing to do with the topic of >this< thread, I have split the old AHCI Driver thread and created a new thread within the “BIOS modules” section of the Forum.

Hoping, that you agree with what I have done


Anyone know where I can find the file that used to be available from the GigaByte Support / FAQ Site to address the issues with the Marvell Yukon 88E8056 LAN Controller. The .zip file included a .bat file, mac.exe and yukonvpd.exe to flash. I have downloaded the newer .bin rom files in this thread but not sure what program to use to flash or load the rom ???

It’s been a long time since I have dug into a PC issue like this. I reloaded an old GigaByte GA-965P-S3 based PC to Windows10 and the Marvell NIC freezes the machine the moment I enable the NIC and/or plug in the cat5e cable. Any assistance or nudge in the right direction is greatly appreciated. Thanks



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