ASRock B75M R2.0 BIOS modding

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I have this motherboard and would like to learn to make some changes in BIOS file regarding AHCI RAID module. On the website, today got out intel orom .bin file, and is the size of 118 kb, which I would integrate in the BIOS file. Can I? Generally the whole BIOS rom of this board is a bit odd and would like some expierenced user to take a look at it and advise me what can i do with it, to make it more functional. This is the link to the BIOS file…del=B75M%20R2.0
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If you want to update any OROM module of your ASRock BIOS and don’t know how to do it, I recommend to use the “UEFI BIOS Updater” (UBU Tool). You can find the tooland the related instructions within the first post of [[Tip] Easy BIOS Modding with “UEFI BIOS Updater” (UBU)]>this<[/url] thread.

Good luck!

Thank you!

I did it without too much hassle. Wery helpful tool.
Anyway, after doing the update of the Lan orom, I couldn’t connect to the to the BIOS servers from within the BIOS itself. It just gave me the message, something like: “initialising LAN connection”, and than just stays there… And after 2 minutes screen becomes garbeled and distorted and everything just stops. The only thing I could do is hard reset.
So, it doesn’t mess with the functionality of the rig, only the update function in BIOS doesn’t work.

@ diskodasa:
Thanks for your feedback.

Are you sure, that you have redone all your individual BIOS settings after having flashed the updated BIOS? Did you clear CMOS?
Please read the last chapter of >this< guide.

Here is what i’ve got: 8086,1502 and 8086,162!
Which one should I replace


The Option ROM with the Link ID 8086, 1502 is the Intel LAN ROM (managing the Intel Network Controller of your mainboard) and the OROM 8086, 162 is the Intel VGA ROM (managing the Intel graphics adapter, which is part of the CPU).

Now what can I do? What is the further course of action? I am totally lost now…

What do you want to do? Why did you run the AMI Aptio UEFI tool?
I thought, that you have already updated all OROM modules of your mainboard BIOS by using the UBU tool.

I see now that the integrated lan is Intel, but it’s not, it is realtek?! I am so confused with this…

You can easily verify the vendor of your integrated LAN Controller:
Run the Device Manager, open the "Network Adapters" section, do a right click onto the listed Network Controller and choose the following options:
"Properties" > "Details" > "Property" > "HardwareIDs".
If the VendorID should be VEN_8086, your mainboard has an Intel LAN chip. The VendorID of Realtek is VEN_10EC.

Following your link: Under specs for LAN is the following listed: - Realtek RTL8111E
I will take a look at this bios (v1.60) what’s doable.

Took a look what is modable. Here is the result:

ASRock B75MR2
Bios v1.60
Mod rev.01

Filename: B75MR2_1.60_mod
Checksum: e353f8377f2db1ae8f3194c568e25231eb01ca3b (sha1)

ASMED106 (1b21,611) : Updated from 0.93 to 0.954
ASMED106 (1b21,612) : Updated from 0.93 to 0.954
VGA bios (8086,162) : Updated from 2137 to 2170
IntelBAG (8086,1502): Removed, unused
RTLNIC (10ec,8168): Updated from v2.39 to v2.58
RTLUNDI (EB53FCAD-): Updated to 2.024
CPUµcode (17088572-): Update 0126A728 -> 0126A729, 0126A915 -> 0126A919
GFXGOP: (8D59EBC8-): Updated from 2.0.1014 to 2.0.1024 (SNB)
(5BBA83E6-): Updated from 3.0.1013 to 3.0.1027 (IVY)

This bios is tricky. There are space limitations in module CSMCORE. Aftere deleting module 8086,1502 (Intel Boot Agent -> Is for Intel GBE-NIC. Board has no Intel NIC. WHY is this module always in??) the later (also bigger) Realtek v2.58 could be inserted. Intel orom (or any other ones found on station-drivers like 12.x or 11.x) can not be used on this board!

It’s Realtek, all right, in Device Manager, but what is the Link ID 8086, 1502 in all this? I am sorry, but this is my first uefi BIOS MB, so this is beyond my comprehension of good old BIOS. Is this some kind of “shell” for the BIOS?

I wrote it above: 8086,1502 (Intel Boot Agent -> Is for Intel GBE-NIC. Board has no Intel NIC). This module can be compared to 10ec,8168. In short: It’s the firmware for your onboard NIC.

So this module is unneeded? Will there be problems with the Intel Smart Connection Technology settings in BIOS and in the OS because of its removal?

So this module is unneeded? Will there be problems with the Intel Smart Connection Technology settings in BIOS and in the OS because of its removal?

If you browse through the module and look for ASCII you find only info about network (NIC) related stuff.
Simply try it out: Delete the module and test it.
I checked several Gigabyte bios today: The ones with Realtek NIC’s do not have module 1502 or 1503. Only the ones with Intel NIC’s.

About Smart Connect: This does interest me.
Today I modded the bios of my Asrock Z68Extr3Gen3 and removed module 8086,1502 (board has only Realtek NIC).

So I just activated smart connect in bios. A new device showed up in Hardware Manager (ACPI\INT33A0).
Installed latest Smart Connect software (v4.x) and configured 15 minutes schedule.
First error message I got was: 2000 Error communicating with WLAN device (I have no WLAN device, so …)

Edit: According to product brief this requires Intel wireless adapter and internet connectivity.…apps-brief.html

So, no harm done by removing 1502 → Bye, bye 1502 :wink:

I see… And how can I get rid of these unneeded modules, which I saw, when I was updating Intel IME. There was that wireless module and some other stuff, which wasn’t on my MB so iwould like to know how to remove all of that? What are they used for anyway?

Check again the list in my post 12. What I listed there is the maximum that can be done. (verified 1502 safe removal now, see my posts above).
If you do not need Smart Connect -> Disable in bios.

My thoughts are that those modules are serving to highest bidder or someone who is interested in spying…288381481237582