Asrock Extreme9 X79 NVME ME uCode Mod Request

Hi Lost_N_BIOS
Could you please build a new mod BIOS for me too. I tried to flash the BIOS that I built with ME firm ware a few times successful, but it keeps restore back to the old version. My MB is Asrock Extreme9 X79, CPUs: Xeon E5-2670 v2 Ivy and Xeon E5-2670 sandy (I have 2 machines same built different CPU versions). And I need the new NVME boot for my Samsung 970 Pro + 950 Pro on PCIe Gen3 on 1 machine (do you think I need to unlock butfurcation ?).
I attached the original BIOS, update ME Firmware_8.1.51.1471, and new CPUMicrocodes. Would you Please build 2 sets of MOD BIOS. 1 BIOS with complete new, and the other one is the same but keep the old stock ME firmware I’m sorry to bother you, very much appreciated for your great help.

ASX79_EX9.rar (5.81 MB)

@Jen - Bifurcation is only needed for using multiple SSD/NVME drives on a single PCIE port
Please link me to your stock BIOS from Asrock, or tell me which version you want me to use.

Opsss I’m sorry I din’t know you create another thread for my request.
The reason about Bifurcation because, I’m putting 2 SSD/NVME drives (Samsung 970 Pro +950 Pro) on Asus Hyper M.2 x16 Card V2. And Do you think I should need new Marvell SATA3 and RSTe driver too ? and here is the link for Asrock BIOs Version 4.00.
Thank you very much again.…sp?cat=CPU#BIOS

@Jen - yes, sorry, I moved your thread since it has nothing to do with the Asus thread you posted in. I forgot to mention, you can edit/change the title at post one, if you want.

I don’t know if you need bifurcation for those cards/NVME or not.
Nor, do I know if you need/want new Marvell os RST drivers, you’ll have to do that research first and decide. I know nothing about any of that, I only know how to modify BIOS.
I will check BIOS and see if you have bifurcation hidden from you or not, if it is then I can enable/make visible, if it’s not there then there’s nothing I can do. Thanks for the link!

Yes, your BIOS has bifurcation controls. Please zip for me images of what all submenus you can see inside advanced BIOS page.
And then, inside Advanced >> PCI Subsystem Settings (if you can see this). And Advanced >> North Bridge Configuration >> IOH Configuration
Additionally, if you do have North Bridge Config page, but no IOH inside it and it’s NOT inside Advanced page, show me an image of the North Bridge Config page too (So I can confirm which you have, remove it, and give you the other one inside Advanced instead)
Please put these in a zip archive. You can probably F12 screenshot to USB

@ Lost_N_BIOS
Look like, there is no PCI Subsystem Settings nor North Bridge Configuration >> IOH Configuration available on BIOS screen. Here are screen shots attached. Thanks for the tips “You can probably F12 screenshot to USB” I’ve just learned after finishing the shoots. As you can see I’m not a computer Guru…
Thank you

1.rar (4.37 MB)

2.rar (4.25 MB)

Thanks @Jen - will have you unlocked BIOS shortly

* Edit - @Jen - Quick interim test needed, please flash these BIOS via built in BIOS flash method, and let me know, do you now see both South Bridge Config AND South Bridge submenus inside Advanced?
If yes, with which BIOS? Please test in the following order, stop testing once you see it, no need to test further. Please note, you may need to rename each one to stock BIOS name and extension, if you do please only put on at a time on USB stick so you don’t mix up which is which during your testing.
1. SetupO
2. SetBCPU
3. SetBCPS…123911316586699

@ Lost_N_BIOS - sorry for late reply. Thank you very much for your time. I tested 2 (2. BCPOU & 3. BCPOS) were working, the other 3 did not work. I attached Pics. Thank you

BCPOU.rar (1.38 MB)

@Jen - This causes more delay now I needed you to test in exact order I gave, please let me know which BIOS first (And ONLY), from that exact order showed both South Bridge & South Bridge Configuration.
I know you said you tested two, but then also said other three did not work, so this means you tested all five, correct? If yes, that’s OK but not ideal for you, next time please test as directed only, otherwise you risk bricking your system testing further than needed (ie I said stop at first BIOS that shows xxx change)

So, from the order I specified, please clarify/confirm, is this the first BIOS you could see the change in? >> 2. BCPOU

@ Lost_N_BIOS I’m sorry for my curious to test all of them and made it complicated. Yes I tested them in order as your listed.
1. SetupO = Advanced Tab grey out (not function)
2. BCPOU = working as shown in BCPOU pics first to see
3. BCPOS = working as shown in BCPOS pics
2. SetBCPU = Advanced Tab grey out (not function)
3. SetBCPS = Advanced Tab grey out (not function)
Thank you

Thanks for your clarification and test results. No need to test further when I mention something like that, this was only single test change for my own knowledge to know which method was required to make certain changes possible on this BIOS.
Working on BIOS now! Other similar test may be needed later, but I think for now I can move forward

Thank you very much for your understanding and your time…

@Jen - You’re welcome!

Here is unlocked BIOS (just in regards to what you wanted (bifurcation)), plus some things I could see hidden from you in your images -…313656772988850
Please show me images of all contents now, inside >> North Bridge Configuration 2 (This page) >> IOH Configuration (And this page). It should be all unlocked/visible now, but I wanted to double-check to be sure.
I also enabled a few other sections, and made visible some settings in other menus in advanced too that were hidden from you (you’ll have to look around, only a few here and there)

Thanks that quick I’ll let you know after the flash.
Wow…Wow there are a lot of options…You’re Genius. Thank you again

ADVBCPU.00.rar (2.98 MB)

@Jen - You’re welcome, and thank you
I checked the images, all looks to be mostly correctly visible now Some still missing though, so I need to make you one more BIOS.
I also need to see one more image from you first, you missed bottom half of IOH config page, please send me that image, then I make you final BIOS (I think only one, but it may take two, if suppressed settings need unsuppressed instead of user switched)

@ Lost_N_BIOS I’m sorry didn’t get back to you, 'cause back to work. Here is half missing, I hope they’re all there. Thank you.

Half of IOH config.rar (681 KB)

Thanks @Jen - On Gen3 Equalization WA’s, if you change that to enabled, does 4 other related settings appear underneath it once enabled?

Thanks Lost_N_BIOS, yes there ere few more options after enable Gen3 Equalization WA’s. Pic attached. Thank you.

Equalization WAs.rar (557 KB)

Thanks @Jen - here is final unlock -…980182638636718

Thanks very much Lost_N_BIOS, looking beautiful. Would you please do me one more favour, sorry I’m not asking too much ?
I did try to upgrade the ME firm few times from the forum guild(to the new ME Firmware_8.1.51.1471) and flash the BIOS successful, but when I restart the PC It restores back to the old firm ware,(I’m sorry to brick the MB for using the HeX editor). If you’re happy to help one more time…, would you update the new NVME Dxe4 driver and new MicrocodeCPU too. If you too busy, it’s OK so long you’er not get mad at my…I’ll attach the new firm ware & Microcode. Thanks again for your time and great help Cheer.
See you

MEX79.rar (1.02 MB)

@Jen - You’re welcome! Very sorry, after all this I forgot to put in the NVME Mod

So, you need NVME mod (of course) and you want updated ME FW to latest, and update microcodes? If yes to all, sure, no problem. Sorry again I did all that unlock for NVME mod and then forget to include NVME Mod!!

* Edit - Do you want the old ME FW version ( you attached above, or latest (