ASRock J5005/J5040 Gemini Lake BIOS

I am not sure many people use a J5005 but a thread with infos can’t hurt.

They released a new Gemini Lake J5040 board and the flash works also for the older J5005. The BIOS correctly identifies and names the J5005 so it is not a crossflash but more like “we don’t support the older board anymore” thing.
The new version is 1.60 with TXE, µC 32 706A1 for the J5005 and µC 16 706A8 for the new J5040.
Surprising is that i used the WIN flash version that updates on next boot even the TXE without the need of closing the TXE onboard jumper. I had to do this when updating to 1.42a and TXE before.
µC can afterwards be updated to version 34 via Instant Flash using a HEX edited file. A pretty simple copy & paste action.
You can use the ASRock Realtek audio UAD drivers after the flash upgrade. There must be some signing for that in the new BIOS.

Edit: The same should be valid for the ASRock J4105-ITX

There is one thing about ASRock i really like.
I now have asked them the second time for a TXE update when Intel released a security information and they reacted fast.
This time it was…l-sa-00295.html
Intel recommends at least the use of TXE 4.0.25.xxxx.
ASRock support delivered me BIOS version 1.60F, TXE after 2 days.

I only wonder why they don’t regulary update the official download offers.

I’d really like to be able updating TXE on my own but found no proper way yet.
I guess for the newest TXE you always need the newest corresponding Flash Image Tool.

Is it possible to boot from nvme ssd on Asrock J5005?

I have not tested but in the BIOS the EFI NVMe driver is present.

Something to add about TXE 4 i was not so sure about some posts back.
Thanks plutomaniac for summarizing here: Intel Apollo Lake + CSTXE v3
I have a complete image for my ASRock J5005 board that updates the TXE.
In this official ROM the TXE version is created with Flash Image Tool
I reinserted the TXE with the 1334 Firmware file that is offered here and Flash Image Tool following the "CleanUp Guide"
Besides a few bytes that may only describe the version numbers the files are identical :slight_smile:
This settled my assumption you always need the newest FIT to insert newer TXE versions.
One thing i remember is that a while back i played around with these files and a EXTR Firmware file created a completely different image as if i use a RGN file. Even the offset for the µC changed.
Is it expected the EXTR files behave so different?

Again ASRock delivered a new BIOS within a day when asked about the latest TXE version after the new intel advisory:…l-sa-00391.html
Latest version now is file version 1.60H, TXE created with FIT

@pokuly - So, do you need some BIOS with updated TXE? If yes, can you please link me to target BIOS, and the BIOS with TXE version you want copied over.
I will see if I can do for you.

The ASRock BIOS the support sent me has the last TXE as of today, thanks!
Would you use FIT to add a recent TXE?
Did you solve the issue an EXTR TXE ends up in a completely different file as if it was creeated with a PRD TXE build with FIT?

@pokuly - Sorry for the late reply!
If I was just doing a swap of TXE from one BIOS to the other (from this same board), I would simply extract and replace the TXE region with UEFITool 25.0

I talk about updating to a new TXE version that is not inside another BIOS.

I only want to inform that ASRock support still offers fast support and update
when asked for a TXE update recommended by an Intel security advisory.
They have sent me a BIOS file 1.70D with TXE v4.0.45.1848 but an old µC.
The 3A µC from the repository for the 706A1 still fits via copy and paste with a hex editor
even when its length is now 12800 bytes.

Edit: I have to get used to the new forums thread layout and i am really happy it was given another chance :slight_smile:

First, thanks for making this thread.

I own an asrock j5005-itx and i wanted to make sure i fully understood your first post.
Basically, you just downloaded the bios 1.60 windows installer for j5040-itx and ran it on a j5005-itx and it worked ? did you have any issues ? does it bring new options in the BIOS ?

And, it seems you upgraded to 1.70 ?

Thank you for your time.

Yes, i updated the J5005 to 1.60 with the J5040 file a while back. Be sure to follow the TXE update procedure they suggest.
The 1.60 Windows download at the J5040 BIOS page is a single file flash.

After that i sometimes asked the ASRock support directly when new TXE security fixes were around and they always gave me recent BIOS and flash files. I don’t think there ever were new options inside the menues.
The last was 1.70D with TXE v4.0.45.1848. Just these days i inserted µC 3C myself and reflashed. Works!

@eccegratum Did you contact ASRock support? They still do great with security fixes when asked.
For my B550 they immediately offered me an AGESA update when hinted to a recent security bulletin.