Asus g75vw insert new vbios

I’m on the “as is” swapped right now and I don’t get anything after booting.
I don’t know what the default mode for the bios is. I can’t change it, since I don’t see anything. :frowning:…iew?usp=sharing

This was mine with the vbios injected. This one gave me external image. (took that dump before flashing your modified ones)

I’m reading trough a thread of osx (hackingtosh) issues with kepler cards. The g75vw is in there as well. It seems like they have to force the outputs trough dsdt or vbios.
Seems like the vbios has some kind of table with the different outputs in it. I don’t know if we can fuse that of the original 660m with that of the 670mx.
This was the path I suspected.

the discussion about it:…gtx660m.131887/
They had issues to get the internal display working (even on the gtx660m). somehow the igp is disabled. that’s also mentioned there. and confirms what I see when booting windows.


update, @Lost_N_BIOS it’s not the lvds I’m using but the EDP port.

found a schematic of the board:

using the upper port.
The one underneath it is lvds:


That’s something I seem to know in my first post. But I seem to have been mistaken into believing it was lvds along the way.
I should consider starting smoking again I guess

I can edit the vBIOS (legacy) or GOP (UEFI) on the Intel side, this usually has all graphics routed through it and out to the panels.
And yes, in there is lots of panel settings and options, that’s what I was originally thinking about doing for you when I jumped in there, but then realized leaving those as-is should be the perfect/correct settings for your system, since that’s setup for this system by default.
But, maybe something in there, once the new NVIDIA BIOS is used, needs changed in regards to this. And there is why I initially asked if they ever sold this model with that card, then we could compare.
If I compare vBIOS/GOP for the other system now vs yours, anything different I see I wouldn’t be able to tell if it’s due to needing this change for the other card, or if it’s different just because it’s for the other main system which would obviously need different settings than yours (there is literally 100’s of settings you can change)
And yes, in there is 20+ panel options, all with sub-settings and submenus etc. in the main BIOS itself too, there is hidden options for panel settings and other related settings. But as I mentioned above, all this is/should be currently already set to 100% correct setting for your system/panel/outputs etc.
But, maybe there is some setting that needs to be different for that card vs your original.

IGP can be enabled/disabled at hidden BIOS settings, I can make these options visible for you if you want to tinker?

We can try. If it might be wired trough the igp, we could try to get optimus working.
But then I need at least the igp working on the internal panel. I probably have the harest option, the 50-pin 4-lane edp for the 120Hz 3d panel. (got this machine second hand, so it was not purposely chosen).

I see Internal Graphics default is not disabled, as expected, so all graphics is routed through here like I mentioned. BIOS setting for Active LFP is Internal LVDS too. Remove the Nvidia card, do you see graphics output then, on any port?
All that you can see at Chipset >> SA >> Graphics Config. Since you already know how to edit/mod BIOS, did you enable chipset for your BIOS or not so you can see/edit on the fly in BIOS (I didn’t check)?
Once I have more time tomorrow, I will look at the vBIOS and GOP settings and see what’s set, and I think I can send you a textual output of all those settings too so you can see.

Unfortunately, I have to take a look. Don’t know my settings by heart.
Well, I was allready wondering, how someone has made de kepler tweaker software.
Can the vbios be decompiled. Because if you open it with a hex editor, there aren’t that many readable strings in it.
Would be nice to see how the outputs are/can be routed.

I am not talking about NVIDIA vBIOS, I’m talking about the vBIOS/GOP at Intel side that all graphics is routed through out to the displays.
All that is done with Intel BMP, we have a thread here about this, search for BMP. In there, in both vBIOS (Legacy mode) and GOP (UEFI mode) you will find 100’s of settings for the panels, graphic output settings etc.
That’s what I would send you text output from, this is what pushes everything out to all displays, and why in 99.9% of laptops you cannot disable internal graphics or you get black screen (no display output)

When I mentioned settings and their current defaults above, I was looking at your BIOS (and the default applied settings)

What CPU are you using, Sandy or Ivy?

Ivy, i7-3940xm.

Thanks. Here is a few example images of the GOP module opened in Intel BMP, and text output (.sff open in notepad) of all settings…591318139846653

Let me know if anything catches your eye on the images that needs changed maybe, or in the text and I’ll find that setting and show you in image so you can also see the help/info for that setting

What does LFP stand for?
My active display should be EDP instead of LVDS.

p.s. I really appreciate your help on this! Can’t emphasize that enough :slight_smile:

I’ll take a look this evening. Thnx!

LFP = Local Flat Panel. That is what is set by default for your system, which works as originally configured. If it was incorrect, then it wouldn’t work. There is 100’s of settings, so the few example areas I showed you may not be what is used, you’d have to dig around and check it all.
+ BIOS controls some of this too at the BIOS settings level - which you can see in AMIBCP @ >> Chipset >> Graphics Configuration >> Settings (And submenu there for LCD) << Here, it’s set to 18bit LFP >> Int-LVDS as optimal default. There is EDP A/D as optional choices, but both failsafe/optimal has Int-LVDS set

You’re welcome! Sorry I don’t have same system and card, or I could sort this out for you while you waited and try 1000 things at once without worry of bricked BIOS

I’m allready glad that you can help me like this.
I don’t worry about a bricked bios either, since I have a ch341a at hand.

This is my panel with specs:…view_14168.html

Don’t know if that can bring us any further. But it’s embedded display port, so Is the connector used on the motherboard (according to the boardview and schematic of my motherboard).
However, there are 2 versions of the vw and vx. A 3D version and a non-3d version. The non 3D is the most sold version. And maybe the default is for that screen? The non 3d version uses the LVDS connector on the motherboard. That might explain the default value? I do have the 3d version.

Thanks. Yes, I know you can recover, but still, I’m sure you don’t want to program in 100 different BIOS to test.
Sorry, I know nothing about panels, so spec sheet wont help me on any of this. All I know is the stock settings panel and output wise, for all of this stuff, is what works for your laptop, if you change any of that you loose displays. Few things you can maybe switch around, but there would be no reason for any of that.
What is used on the VX doesn’t matter/doesn’t apply to your board, it’s settings are board specific not card specific. This is settings from board/integrated graphics out to panel, that is all. If you changed panel, then yes, you may need to change some of this, but you are using panel that came with system, so that is not part of the issue here.
Or, are you saying your current panel doesn’t work properly with this system as you received it?

I know I mentioned to look at all this, but I’m not so sure now any of it matters, what’s really needed is a vBIOS for that card, configured for this model’s board.
If you’ve seen anyone have success wit this card and your exact model system, you should join wherever that is and ask them to dump BIOS region and send to you.

When you tested the BIOS I sent you, did you test all things, boot, BIOS, windows, with all displays (panel, external outputs etc)?

No I didn’t change it. And it does work default.
but there are 2 version’s. One with 3d (edp panel) and one withoud 3d panel (lvds).
But there is only one bios available on the website. So somehow, something is forcing the edp port to be used, or tricking the system to believe that the edp is actually lvds?
One thing is certain, and that is that my system uses the edp instead of the lvds. So I’m a bit puzzeld of how that translates to the gop/bios settings, since the default seem to be lvds.

I could order a surface mountable lvds connector, solder it on the empty pads, order the specific lvds cable for this model and try with an lvds cable to see if I get anything.
That my help us troubleshooting but in the meanwhile I don’t want to give up on this.

Do you know if there is a way to read those settings on a live system? Don’t know if they have corresponding uefi var’s?
otherwhise I could go back to my previous card, dump all the vars. Insert the new card, boot with my bios where I get external image, also dump the vars and compare?

p.s. I took the vx in the equition, because it’s nearly identical and it comes with the gtx 670mx or gtx 660m. But the VX with 670mx does not get combined with a 3d screen either.

Please see my edits above. 2 versions does not matter, that’s just adding to confusion for no reason.
I’m sure there is a routine in vBIOS/GOP or BIOS that detects what is connected, that would be how one BIOS works for both panels if same exact BIOS used for both systems.
Doesn’t matter though, your panel works as connected, with settings as they are, so changing video card would not require changing anything in regards to this as outputs, connections to display all remain same… unless you changed the way the panel connected to the board, or if you wanted to switch/disable some output.

BIOS settings also control but many are set to vBIOS defaults, so you have to look at that too when you are trying to consider why a setting is what it is. No, you can’t read on live system, what you see set is what is used so would = same
You need to look at the stuff in BIOS, and then Install Intel BMP, download the BSF/Dat packages, and look at the GOP VBT and see all the plethora of settings.
It would make things more confusing, but at least that way maybe you could better see what is being used at a default level vs me trying to tell you bits and pieces here and there, and showing you small sample of 100’s of settings.

Dumping vars/BIOS has nothing to do with this, same BIOS/vars etc all used with any card you stick in there.

What should work here, is me getting you flashed over to a properly ported VX BIOS.
How different are the systems? Do you know if same motherboard is used? Same external outputs? Same chipset? What CPU’s used in each? How far apart are they in launch dates?

The only difference is that the mini-dp port has a connection to a thunderbolt controller. The thunderbolt controller is not on the vw board.
cpu-line is also ivybridge, chipset is the same, all the output ports are the same.

The bios does work ony my vw. But not with the gtx 670m.

It’s just obvious that there is no VX with a 670mx that has a 3d panel. the VX with 3d panel also has a gtx 660m by default.

And I don’t know why that is, because the 3d model is obviously more expensive, so you should expect that you can buy it with the best videocard option as well. But that is not true for whatever reason.

If that BIOS works on your system, and you don’t get any display out to any ports, then the graphics card may be faulty. I was wondering if maybe that is the case from the test BIOS I sent you too, now your comment above really makes me wonder.
How do you know it works, just because the seller said it does, or have you personally seen it running on a system since you’ve obtained it?

My original bios, with the gpu bios module replaced with mmtools, I get external graphics. I can install the Nvidia drivers and Benhmark it as well. So it doesn’t seem broken. Plus the fact that people who tried the same and also have the 3D screen are all having the same issue.

Ahh!! Seems I forgot you mention that maybe? But, that is probably what made me start discussing the vBIOS/GOP, since those are what controls which displays get what output in what scenarios. So, back to that!
And, with the two BIOS I sent you, you don’t get any external graphics? Correct? What port/connector type is your "external’ graphics you mention at this time? If more than one port tell me both

Also, during that time, can you see the Intel GPU as if it’s connected/enabled too, or can you not tell? I was thinking maybe at external monitor, maybe in those scenarios only NVIDIA is used?

Correct, I didn’t get any image on the externam port’s with that bios. With my bios (with injected 670mx module), I at least got display on the externam hdmi. Didn’t test the rest of the ports.
When I Could only see the 670mx in the device manger, no igp.

However, if I recall correct, I had the same with 660m and internal graphics. But that is allready a while ago. I need to retest with the old 660m again if I have to be sure.

So, both my BIOS, nothing, on any ports, external or internal? If you are not sure, please test, both BIOS, all ports. And then same for your BIOS mod, all ports too.