Asus H110M-K bios mod for i3 9100f

I need bios mod for i3 9100f CPU. I am upgrading from i3 6100.My mobo is Asus H110M-K. Thanks

@Chilskater - What is your 9100F SSPEC? Look on top of CPU. Also, what is your other older CPU model? So I be sure to leave it’s microcode in BIOS too
Do you have a flash programmer? What BIOS are you running now?
And, please tell me what is your current ME FW version, check with DOWNLOAD HWINFO64 HERE as shown in the image below


Intel ME.PNG

Intel ME Version:11.8, Build 3590, Hot Fix 65

Older CPU is i3 6100

I havent bought any i3 9100f yet because still reading and searching for the correct bios mod. People are suggesting “SRF7W” CPU because it is B0 Stepping. I am running the latest BIOS from Asus website (Version 4210 2019/07/09).


BIOS link

this is BIOS dump

AmericanMegatrendsInc.-4210.rar (5.43 MB)

@Chilskater - Due to ME FW currently 11.8 >> You need flash programmer (CH341A + U Type Flat IC Extractor), or to do pinmod (See section “E.1” here) to unlock FD and then dump FD with FPT and unlock ME region (or all), then flash back.
Pinmod and FD dump, edit, reflash have to all be done in one reboot, otherwise pinmod will have to be done again before reboot, so don’t reboot once you do pinmod, until you’ve dumped FD, edited it, and flashed it back.
How to edit FD to unlock is in same guide linked above, but see section B, spoiler two, image two

To dump FD (FPTw.exe -desc -d fd.bin) you need ME System Tools V11, from section C in the thread below
Intel Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware & System Tools

To flash FD back once you’ve edited it >> FPTw.exe -desc -f fdmod.bin

FPT must be ran from Admin CMD Prompt, not power shell, here is registry fix that will add “Open Admin CMD here” to right click<br />…134606820377175

All of this applies if you get a B0 9100F (SRF7W) or a U0 9100F (SRF6N), either one, doesn’t matter, you will need to do the above or get a flash programmer because your current ME FW = 11.8
And you should connect and isolate CPU pads per the image in section 3.2 here, if you get U0 9100F (SRF6N)…602278&start=60

Please use edit function if you want to add more info/thoughts etc and no one replied yet, thanks (unless it’s been 24 hours)

Above Universal BIOS backup toolkit dump should not be used for anything here, nor should AFU Dump. Only flash programmer dump, or FPT full BIOS dump after you unlock FD
Keep this file though, in case you need someone to fix you system details for you later if you end up messing them up in BIOS