Hi, I have such(z490-f wifi) motherboard, after upgrade from haswell 4770k to comet lake 10600k on my old win 8.1 I have lags and freezes which I notice in the browser and other utilities, all Ui elements renders slowly. After googling I’m found that problem in HPET option. I have try to disable with bcdedit and via “device manager”, after reload everything works better and faster . But anyway latency checker show yellow graphics(above 1ms)


I’m plan to move on windows 10 in close future, but I want to try to fix current system(I’m have lot soft, which I really painfully to reconfigure in short time)
Can someone to help me activate HPET option on this motherboard?
I tried to edit it myself, but it looks like I am doing something wrong. Because the new BIOS I flashed still doesn’t have this item.
I’m used this really helpful comrade post @Lost_N_BIOS
and this
as reference

What I did, extract via UEFITool 51.0 setupdata_AMITSESetupData_body.bin and change 09 to 0D


After this I’m replace this body via UEFITool 25.0. But this is not cause any effect after flashing, HPET - invisible

If someone can explain what I need to do, or can edit this BIOS // I will be really appreciate.


Some questions to ask you.
1. Did you directly edit the cap bios?
2. How do you re-flash you modified bios? Is by bios flashback button?
3. Could you capture some screenshots under Advanced > PCH Configuration ?

Hi, @genius239 , thanks for reply
1. yes, I’m unpack cap bios file from zip and then open it via UEFITool 51.0(export AMITSESetupData) and UEFITool 25.0. when I made editing in hex editor, I make replace body by (edited AMITSESetupData)
2. then I place saved bios file into usb flash and re-flash by bios flashback button, I’m sure that this is was flashed because I have older version of bios, after flashing my version is changed to 1003. After this I made 2 another attempts(I have play with different bytes). Every time I was need to make downgrade to 0901 version, because flashback want work with similar(version wich now actual 1003) version of bios


Ok! i see~
I will respond to you and make a mod for you tomorrow ,because now it’s 12:06 A.M on my country .

See you next time ,good luck!

Thank you, goodbye


Hi~i’ve made a mod for v1003 ,here is mod.
After flash back ,please capture screenshots of PCH Configuration again ,thanks.

Many thanks, @genius239 , your mod uncover a lot settings and HPET also. Best Regards.




You’re welcome! This modify result is i expected.
I remember i also unlock some menu items under Advanced tab , their next level still hidden many options.If you wanna get more ,i still need more screehshots to confirm something. Like i let you to capture “PCH Configuration”.

Yes, I think this is will be usable for me and other users with the same mobo.
I need to make screenshots of all items in the Advanced tab?

Yes, this modified cap bios is generic for all users who own a the same motherboard.
You only need to capture screenshots under Advanced tab what you wanna unlocked sub-item .

It would be great to have that on the Rog Z490-H BIOS 2201 too (if you can). Thks.


Here you go , please flash it via usb bios flashback button then tell me the result.

That’s great, agreed w/ generic BIOS stock.

@genius239 Works fine, a lot settings and HPET appear now. Thanks for your great work.



You’re welcome! the modified result was i expected.

Could you please do this for the ASUS Z490-F motherboard if possible? Thanks a lot


Here you go.


Thank you so much!

Could you please do the same mod for ASUS ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming ???
The latest bios is: ROG-STRIX-Z490-E-GAMING-ASUS-2301.ZIP

Also if there are other interesting settings to be enabled back, feel free to do it and let me know.

I will give a small donation! $


@misanthrope1408 @genius239


You can fine mod here.