ASUS X555LB Bios bricked. Which key combination does reflash original Bios?

Hello, I totally bricked my secondary laptop, I inserted a wrong module. It has got recovery tab hidden in the bios. When I press ctrl+home it reads usb drive. Normally it cannot read USBs. Which key combination or bios file name does reflash bios?

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Try info from here

File name to use on USB would be one of these, make several copies of stock BIOS and put all files named as follows on there - X555LB.BIN + AMIBOOT.BIN + AMIBOOT.ROM
Then, also try all the same, with this BIOS file instead, instead of your stock BIOS. Don’t mix up files while you do this, they are not same, this is 2KB smaller. This is stock BIOS, removed from Capsule -…255023192272373
Make USB FAT32, put BIOS on root of USB not in folder, older/smaller USB Best, USB 2.0 only, if you only have larger/new, try partition down to 1GB but chances are low this helps usually, best to use 128MB-2GB USB 2.0 old stick

Then use the hotkey combo info from the above links with files as mentioned above. Not all Asus laptops can recover, so you may need flash programmer (ChH41A) + SOIC8 test clip w/ cable.

Longer read time I think I will succeed.

USB is reading a lot longer now? If yes, then yes, maybe it will fix it! Also, even if your system can recover this way, depending on how bad you messed up the BIOS it may not be able to recover it
Fingers crossed for you

Longer Read time but it does not shut down. Only black screen.

How much longer was the read time? What did you actually do to the BIOS that bricked it? What module did you replace incorrectly, and how?
Also, did you try with the file I sent you copied to all those names? And then separately try with the stock BIOS as it was, renamed to all those names?

3 seconds with stock bios. 9-10 seconds with 2kb smaller bios. I replaced as is instead of replace body at one module.

9-10 seconds still not long enough, should be at least 45-60+ to do a write, so maybe it’s not finding the file it wants still.
Be sure to try both the 2kb smaller BIOS I sent you (w/ all three names) & the stock BIOS with all three names too.

Which BIOS module did you do that with?


Very nice! Glad you were able to recover

So, for the next poor sole, please outline the recovery method here, thanks

Hi I have another issue. I changed internal GPU to disabled. At first try, I blindly reseted bios. But at second, it
completetly blinded. I cannot use ctrl+home method. It reads but there is still black screen.

Please answer me.

Please answer me!

@XPWELL64 You didn’t ask any question? Nothing you can do when you disable only graphic output to display except recover via flash programmer, or blind reflash. Unless you can find a schematic for this board and find a real CMOS Clear method.
Did you connect an external monitor to all possible display outputs? Sometimes external might display when LCD doesn’t, but usually all disabled when you disable CPU/GPU (all graphic OUT routed through there usually, so you cannot disable or switch etc)

How do I do blind reflash? With aflash or AFUDOS? How do I edit AUTOEXEC.BAT? I need it for auto flashing.

Only you know how to blind flash that system? I thought you said you already did once before?

To blind flash, you have to have flashed from DOS or BIOS before, and know by heart of have written down the exact keystrokes from poweron/startup, to do the same now, but without seeing the screen.
Or, have a second same exact machine, prepare BIOS flash on USB, power on system, make note of each and every keystroke you make to flash BIOS, then do exact same on system with graphics disabled.

To use autoexec batch file, you have to know this system can flash BIOS by DOS, prepare the BIOS file and bootable USB with autoexec and flash tool on it, and then power on system and hit exact keystrokes you need to hit to get to DOS
Really, almost impossible to do any of this, unless you planned in advanced and know or have written down the keystrokes, or have a second same system right beside you.
But, autoexec has good chance, if you just need to hit "Boot Menu" hotkey, then one keystroke down to USB then enter, if fail reboot and try again with two down and enter, then three down and enter etc until you find it

I hate AFU too but when I have emergency I have to use AFU.

See my edits above. I would leave it, get a flash programmer, then fix it properly, before I’d use AFU

Can you tell me which autoexec.bat command does fix the Asus black screen?


I have to use because I don’t want to open my laptop unless it cannot power on. I don’t want to use SPI Programmer.


Please answer me!

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To answer you, sorry, I do not know with any certainty what command line you put into autoexec.bat, nor what AFU DOS version works for this system, only you can know that from past experience or finding in google etc.
Once you find compatible AFU then you make DOS Bootable USB, put AFU and BIOS file on there, along with Autoexec.bat that contains this line >> AFUDOS.exe nameofbios.rom /P /B / N /X /Shutdown

SPI programmer may be your only option