ASUS X55A - restore SN, UUID, MAC address

I have an ASUS X55A that suffered a bios corruption when i manually changed a bios parameter (enable-disable internal pointing device) and then prompted it to “save and exit”.

I’ve bought a ch341a programmer, retrieved the dump of the corrupted bios, erased the chip and flashed a working .rom (version v413).
The laptop booted and i was able to update the bios to the last available version (v417), which i dumped once again.

I now have these files:
1. original corrupted bios (v417, i believe)
2. working bios v413
3. working bios v417

Using AMIBCP, I see that file 2 and 3 have generic serial numbers, generic mac address, generic uuid etc. These generic values are than transferred to the OS, which apparently is working fine.
However, I’d like to restore these values to their original setting.
If i try to read file 1 with AMIBCP 4.53, the program crashes. Using AMIBCP 4.55, file 1 shows as blank.
All the files can be open with UEFITools but i can’t understand a damn, i’m a newbie.
Using an Hex editor i found a region in file 1 containing various serials (either ANSI, as the serial number, or hex, as the uuid and mac address)
I manually transferred these strings in the same regions of a new file, called:

4. working bios v417 with correct serial numbers

With this rom, the OS is showing the correct SN and UUID. The MAC address, even if correctly shown in the last 12 digits of the UUID, is still showing as in ipconfig/all.

Does someone know a procedure or the location in the hex file to rewrite the mac address to the one i need? The one showing up now,, is nowhere to be found in the .rom

ok i think i got this. the offset of the mac address should be 1000h. I don’t know why but in the bricked dump it was 88 88 88 88 87 88, as in the generic .rom. I forced it to my mac (hex, retrieved from a label inside the chassis) and flashed. Now it is showing properly in windows.
At this stage:

- serial number -> ok!
- uuid -> ok!? (it looks fancy, 00000011-0000-0000-0000-MacAddress, but i have seen other asus laptop with similar uuid on the internet, so it might be)
- mac address -> ok!

i’m sure there are other sn that should be carried over (like chassis, motherboard etc) and i might have already copied them swapping blocks from a rom to another.
However, having sorted out the three mentioned above, am i enough “good to go” or should i do something else?


edit: the mac address on the label is in the form “aabbccddeeff gghh”. should i also force the 4 digits following the main 12 in the bios?

@Io00 - Please send me your original BIOS dump, it’s not corrupted you just set an incorrect setting per your hardware, but even if it is I will still be able to get you the correct UUID value and it’s locations.
Give me your MAC too, so it’s easier for me to find the UUID in case it’s not in the usual locations. MAC address is always and only 12 digits / 6 hex bytes