[Asus X99-A] Modded Xeon E5-2695 v3 BIOS - Error 03

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I followed this guide [GUIDE] Haswell-E/EP Xeon CPUID:306F2 Turbo Unlock and sucessfully modded and flashed the bios to my Asus X99-A board. But when it boots, there is the error 03 (03 SYSTEM AGENT INITIALIZION BEFORE MICROCODE LOADING).

I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong, I followed the steps in the guide 3 times and I couldn’t get it to work. My CPU: Xeon e5-2695 v3 ES (engineer sample).

As I’m using a customized water cooling, temperatues are pretty fine and I’d like to get a higher core than ~2.650 MHz on all cores. (currently with FSB OC).

Does anybody have a hint or a already modded BIOS for the ASUS X99-A board?

Thanks for any hints and help!

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I tried it again, but still without any success. :’(

Does anybody have a already modded BIOS for the ASUS X99-A board? Or a hint?

@ GottesMissionar - Probably best to ask in that thread you initially linked, where others that use this type of mod can advise you. Do you want me to move it there?
Upload your mod BIOS so I can check it (zip please, not uploaded to Google, Mega.NZ, or dropbox/box) thanks.
Maybe it’s a bad mod,often BIOS is broken when doing microcode edits and people don’t realize this

Also, what is your CPU SSPEC or CPUID?

Also, read through this thread, I think user was doing same there and I made several BIOS for him, but maybe not same CPU you have though, but if so then there’s a few BIOS there with and without microcodes in certain instances
CPU Microcode 80000013 update?

Thank you very much! I will try the uploaded Mod BIOS - as far as I understand the thread it should be the right one!

I’m at work atm, I’ll test it out in a few hours when I’m back home. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, your help is very appreciated :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, I can’t flash the BIOS from the other thread. The flash isn’t starting, the error “not a valid bios” occuures.

The CPU ID is: 000306F1
Stepping: B0
Microcode Update Revision: 80000013

I’d like to modify this bios: https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LG…A-ASUS-4101.zip

I deleted the modified bios file, as it was not working. I’m going to re-do it and upload it. Thanks for your help.

Edit: I am obviously not smart enough for this modding. As I can’t replace the modified .raw anymore (replace body is grayed out on all version now) I’m afraid it’s the best to rest my case on this matter.

@GottesMissionar - You can’t flash mod BIOS with EZ Flash, you must use USB Flashback only, or with flash programmer (if doing that, remove the BIOS body from capsule first!)

Please look through that other thread, and make sure you find the correct BIOS per your needs, because I made several BIOS for him (some with added microcodes, some with updated microcodes, some with certain ones removed etc)
If you are not 100% sure which BIOS you need in that thread, tell me what kind of mod you wanted again and I will link you to the exact post with the BIOS you want to use (all will have to be flashed by USB Flashback, this is only way to flash mod BIOS)

To use USB Flashback, you need to rename the BIOS to USB Flashback name (assume all are already named that in the thread), use small 128MB-2GB USB 2.0 stick.
Initialize it as MBR, make FAT32 partition, put BIOS on root of USB (not in folder), then put USB stick into correct flashback port per your board (Check your manual, it will tell you which)
Not all USB are compatible, you may need to try several until you find one that works. Older and smaller is often more compatible, if you only have large ones, you can also try partitioning down to 2GB or less.

Ahh! I checked the thread again, and I assume you want BIOS in post #16 (w/ 306F1 removed - per your CPUID) << If you need “All” microcodes removed, let me know, I will make you other BIOS per that guide, but I don’t think it’s needed to do it like that (I will ask him directly too)
CPU Microcode 80000013 update? (2)

I just reuploaded the file and added new link, original one was dead.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I downloaded the BIOS and flashed it. But it was the same problem as with my modded bios. I got stucked with error code 03 while booting (CMOS reset was done too after first boot failure).

I flashed the original bios again.

Thank you very much for your help. I’ll stop this modding for me now as I’ve ordered the new Ryzen 3950x + mainboard. I’ll take this as a chance to remake the water cooling. Thank you!

Did you do the USB thing, with the .efi file? If not, that may be why, other than that, sorry I am not sure, maybe if you ask wirkstoff (tag that user) in the other thread he can advise you about this.

Ohh! You’re selling off this board now then? If yes, I guess nothing more for us to do here

I have modded Asus X99-A BIOS.
In this instruction removing microcodes causes error 03 on mainboard display.

I tested with success another procedure modding this bios.

[GUIDE] Haswell-E/EP Xeon CPUID:306F2 Turbo Unlock (3)