ASUS Z97 PRO-GAMER motherboard issues

Hi all.

Last year, i had an issue with my mobo. Asus Z97 PRO-GAMER. it shuts down while watching youtube, and never posted again after that. processor is i5 4670k.

Tried the usual stuffs (ram, cmos clear, cmos batt, psu, igpu), all no post. turns on, fan spins but no display and no beep.

Bought a new Biostar z97z7 after that fiasco and been using it until last week when it behaves exactly the same as asus. However this time i do have a spare 1150 processor for testing. i5 4570t. and it posts with no issues on biostar board. never thought that my processor is faulty. never oc on that guy.

Upon this discovery, i put the spare 4570t into asus z97, and still no post. and i foolishly thought bios was the problem. pulled the bios chip from the board, slot it into the ch341a, and straight away write the freshly extracted bin file from cap into the chip, WITHOUT DUMPING THE ORIGINAL BIOS. note that i used to flash laptop bios, thinking it would be the same method.

testing the written bios chip, the board is not posting, and CPU fan (all fan headers) not spinning. SB_PWR led lights up, nothing else.

now the board has two issues,
1 - no post
2 - non functional bios.

i would like to repair the bios part of this board, even though most likely the board would not work due to other issues. my question is, is there any way to repair the bios after all this? bear in mind that:

a) board is not working
b) no dump of original bios

Thank you all for reading this far and helping a noob trying to fix boards. :kissing_heart:

Never any flashes without a BACKUP… i still get stunned when i see this.
You lost SN, UUID and MAC address…

The ASUS file for flashing with the CH341A must be extracted from the CAP file or remove 0x800 or 0x1000 with HeX editor, did you do it?

Use the bios from here to flash it. :

It is already modded so it is already extracted.
Also this motherboard don’t have sn and uuid (it is all the same for all motherboards).
Only the mac address may you loose but there exist a tool to flash it, if you find the mac address on the motherboard sticker.

Flash the bios and will see later for the mac address.

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Thank you for the bios recommendation. Trying now.

with the modded bios flashed, same behaviour. did some probing with multimeter.

no shorts on any 24pin atx. PS_ON pulses when i turned on the motherboard. mobo seems to be turning on off rapidly. 4pin fan connected to any fan header also not spinning.