Based on a modified BIOS with HPET ON/OFF toggle, i know you guys need it, so i contacted ASUS, and they provided it, then i modded that bios, so without further ado.


-BIOS VERSION 9901 (Modified version with HPET OFF)

-[Updated] - Intel RST RAID EFI/OROM

-[Updated] - Intel GOP EFI 5.5.1034

-[Updated] - Intel Boot Agent GE OROM 1.5.62

-[Updated] - Intel PRO/1000 UNDI EFI 6.6.04

-[Updated] - Intel Broadwell Microcode 1B

-[Updated] - Intel Haswell Microcode 24

-[Updated] - Intel Management Interface has been Updated to the latest version.

-[Changed] - Stock ASUS Logo has been replaced with ROG Republic of Gamers Logo.

-[Conclusion] - This version is VERY Stable & Fast, i have i right now on my PC, so i recommend everyone who has a Z97-PRO GAMER to update his BIOS.

Credits: ASUS, SoniX, CodeRush, Pacman and plutomaniac. And of course Fernando for his great job and this sick forum.


Happy flashing & modding everyone!

AsusZ97-PROG.zip (5.58 MB)

Dear Alpharevx,
I’ve this board. To update for your BIOS, there’s any special procedure? Has risks?


Dear Alpharevx, seems that the BIOS has some issues. Can you please consult the ASUS FORUM?

Can I get your BIOS with HPET ON in order to test?


Hello there, you can flash it using AFUDOS method!
I’m using this version as i’m writing this, risks? i’ve never had any problems doing bios flashes on this motherboard.

Very thanks, the update went smooth as a charm.


Thanks again

Dear Alpharevx,
I found a little problem with your BIOS version. Can you please consult the Asus forum https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.ph…re-0-and-time-0.

Can I get your BIOS with HPET ON in order to test?


What problem dude? lol im working with this version of BIOS right now, you can turn HPET ON, go to PCH Settings, you can turn it On or Off.

Try your test with HPET ON, turn it ON from the PCH Settings section :smiley:

You are the Man. Didn’t noticed that toggle ON/OFF. With enable, the PC able to pass the tests.

Keep up with the good work.


You’re most welcome dude! :smiley:

Btw if you have an idea, what are the best drivers for this motherboard, Running Win10 Pro x64?

Well, the only driver that seems to have some performance impact is the RST driver. As per Fernando’s advice I use the

Big thx for this. Bios Updated. :slight_smile:

After testing with the game I play (Battlefield 1), I get best performance with HPET ON.

I7 4790K @4.7Ghz
2x8Gb @2133Mhz
Geforce 1060

How much FPS differance?

Well, I’ve the FPS locked to 100. with the HPET OFF, I have FPS drops (80~100) and shuttering. All gone with HPET ON.


just wanted to report here; I found this thread while searching for the (long overdue) spectre/meltdown fix bios from Asus which is still not available.
I have never flashed a file with AFUDOS before and it worked like a charm. Thanks!

Let me just drop some keywords for google here, hoping that more people find it.

ASUS Z97 Pro Gamer Intel Spectre Meltdown Bios Fix Firmware

Also, here’s how to create a bootable flash drive: https://www.howtogeek.com/136987/how-to-…-dos-usb-drive/
And here’s the link to AFUDOS that supports the /GAN command: https://mega.nz/#!54oxwbJA!tkghDael8JgY3…jnlb4g0lz9Ei9mg
Create flash drive, put afudos and bios.rom on it, boot from drive, enter afudos bios.rom /gan and profit

I’m using this BIOS modded by Alpharevx (great work!) and I leave you some recommendations:

Turn on the HPET and let the Windows (10) manage it. Windows 10 no longer uses HPET by default (it uses TSC, Time Stamp Counter). If a program requests HPET instead of TSC, W10 will provide.

Your LAN card MAC adress was reset to 88:88:88:88:87:88. Please use below to fix


Tip: The original MAC address is on a sticker on the MB 24 pin connector.


Where can i get modded bios for my Z97 Pro Wifi/AC?

Thanks Alpharevx for this bios mod …
and thanks jrmpt for Mac editor …
As jrmpt, HPET OFF = slow performance, HPET ON = better performance (GTA 5 testing)


Hello! Sorry to ressurect this old thread but it’s the only place on the internet I can find anything about turning OFF HPET on my Z97 PRO GAMER motherboard. (no option in BIOS by default)

I downloaded your modded BIOS Alpharevx, however it’s in .ROM format. As far as I know you need .CAP format to be able to flash the Z97 PRO GAMER. So I’m very confused, also why is the modded BIOS named 9901? The latest official BIOS version from ASUS is 2203?

Anyway, can anyone help me? I’d like to try out this BIOS but I need it in .CAP format!

Thanks x


Create a Bootable DOS USB Drive: here

Download the BIOS and rename it for example to AsusZ97PROG.rom
Copy that file to the USB pen

Download AFUDOS.EXE here
Copy the file to the USB pen

Inside the pen create a file named update.txt. Open that file and paste:
Save, exit. rename the file from update.txt to update.bat

Boot the pc from the pen. run the update.bat

Inside the BIOS, load the optimized defaults and turn the HPET ON. You may want to correct the mac address here