[BIOS] Flashing modded bios issue - Motile 14 - M141[BIOS]

Hey guys,

I followed the entire guide that @Fernando posted in another thread with following steps:
1. Created bootable FREEDOS usb with Rufus
2. Created backup.rom file with afuwinx64 gui progrma
3. copied the flashrom.exe and other file to USB => + modded ROM (I used the AMIBCP file to edit the bios to unhide specific menu’s by changing access/use from “Default” to => "USER"
4. booted into usb via legacy mode and entered this command:
flashrom.exe -p internal -w mod.rom -o writelog.txt (just like from the guide)

Flashing completed successfully with the modded rom and here is the log file created:

Now the weirdest thing ever is - I cannot see a single change in bios - it’s as if nothing happened - and as if I never modded the bios.rom file ever?!

I should be able to see the Chipset hidden menu and hidden subtabs in “Advanced menu” - but nothing is still there
I’m also uploading here my modded version of bios…

Here is the modded bios:

Can someone please tell me what am I doing wrong here?

P.S. As @Lost_N_BIOS requested I’m creating this thread. @Lost_N_BIOS here are the things that you requested in another thread:
Link to original BIOS download page:
Under the section:
BIOS Driver => 11.25 Mb (size of file)

The files include 2 folders:
3200U variant of laptop
3500U variant of laptop

Original BIOS .rom file is located in this folder:
(After downloading from website)
Under the name: PF4PU1FN106.ROM (Mine is 3200U variant - just a side note)

I’ll add in few minutes the untouched AFU dump…

@drmusama -Thanks! Actually, sorry, I do not need AFU Dump, and you should not modify/use this anyway, since you are flashing with flashrom.
Please reflash stock BIOS now using stock method, then dump BIOS with flashrom and send to me << this is what should be edited/reflshed, since you are flashing this way.

Okay I’ve reflashed it with original method from manufacturer - what is the command to dump the bios with flashrom ?

Is it like this:
flashrom -p internal -r BACKUP.ROM ?

@drmusama :
Please look into the start post of >this< thread. You will find my guide within the Annex.

Aalrighty I found it - Ill be back in few moments

@drmusama :

This verifies, that you didn’t follow my guide.

Sorry I thought that creating dump file would be same regardless of tool I used :confused:

Anyway here is the dump bios file created with flashrom as @Lost_N_BIOS requested:

@drmusama - Please zip for me, one image of each main section you can currently see. You may be able to use F12 to screenshot to USB.

Allrighty I’ll take it with phone, its always easier like that

Yes - done now - please see the file attached down below named "Visible things in bios".

Visible things in bios.zip (4.57 MB)

@drmusama - Thanks, please test these BIOS in the following order, stop once you see chipset and let me know which one it shows with. No need to test further once you see it, this is just a test.
Additionally, contents do not matter right now either, this is only test to see which method is required on this system to make the hidden menus visible.
Once you’ve tested this out and let me know, then I will further unlock all menus (2x ADV, Chipset, 2x Boot, Switch Exit/Save&Exit + make visible hidden stuff in orig ADV)


@Lost_N_BIOS :
Ok I’m on it. I’ll post back soon with changes;
Command to flash the bin file is:
flashrom -p internal -w AMITSD.bin right ?

EDIT by Fernando: Unneeded fully quoted post replaced by directly addressing to the author (to save space)

@Lost_N_BIOS :
I’m very happy to say that #3 AMITO574BE.bin file worked !!! I was able to see the chipset tab in bios after flashing this one - the 3 other that didn’t work:

This one worked:

Can you completely unlock it now ? Omg I’m so excited haha

EDIT by Fernando: Unneeded fully quoted post replaced by directly addressing to the author (to save space)

@Lost_N_BIOS :

I forgot to ask if it’s possible that you can check under the “Chipset” tab - where the memory configuration (RAM) - if it’s possible to add custom frequency options - because the AMIBCP tool is showing it like a dropdown option (no option to enable RAM to overclock itself with - something like XMP) - cause the RAM kit I got will OC itself if the BIOS allows it …

Would something like a custom frequency with custom CL timings be possible or ?

Hi! I`m also in the situation of drmusama. I followed the entire guide that @Fernando posted recently with flashrom. I want to unlock the “Chipset” tab from where I can set “State after G3” from S5 to S0 state, meaning that the system will automatically power on after a power failure.
Here is my BIOS dump made with flashrom:
Any help would be much appriciated! Thanks in advance!

@Dorin1996 :
Stay tuned for @Lost_N_BIOS - bios update reply for 3200U - He is unlocking the entire M141 all hidden options in BIOS - so I think you should be able to use the bios mod he makes - if your laptop is m141 as well (not m142)…

Btw. what tweaks are you trying to make in the bios I’m curious ? Did you figure out any option that can be modded to boost laptop’s performance?

P.S. The bios version I dumped here and that LOST_N_BIOS is modding is v.1.06 bios version - just keep that in mind
I’ll give it a try to OC the RAM kit that I have and see if it can boost the performance of laptop - and possibly modify the CPU multiplier-boost state

@drmusama - Great to hear, and thanks for your testing and report Next time someone hands you BIOS and instructions, please follow exactly, or you may end up bricking your system
Mentioning this because I said stop when you see it, but you carried on testing more BIOS than necessary

About Chipset >> Memory stuff you mentioned, I am not sure what you mean (about drop down), and XMP will only be there if you have XMP programmed memory.
I just checked chipset, there is no memory related stuff there for speed/timings, only channel/bank interleaving. So, now, even more confused what you mean about “drop down” options? You’ll have to show me image
I assume you already know what is possible in this BIOS, since you initially edited it with AMIBCP, we can’t make things visible that are not there

While typing above reply about Chipset/Memory, I assumed maybe memory options were in Advanced then, I hadn’t looked, but now I see not much there or chipset for memory, so your only option here will be to customize your SPD/XMP possibly and reflash it on your memory directly.
What memory speed/timings is it running at now? And what is the SPD and XMP profile speeds/timings?

Does your laptop have RGB keyboard LEDS?

@Dorin1996 - What is this motherboard model before I download anything, in case I’ve already unlocked the BIOS, and so I can keep your dump in a properly named folder.
Also, please link me to the stock BIOS download page. If you only need that one setting changed, then you don’t really need menu unlocked BIOS, we can just directly change that setting live and or in a mod BIOS.

In my case is a chinese-brand Mini PC with Intel i7 8550u.
This is the model:
And the stock BIOS can be found here:
Compared to my DUMPED Bios, the stock BIOS from their website looks the same.

Okay so I will go one by one questions:

"I just checked chipset, there is no memory related stuff there for speed/timings, only channel/bank interleaving. So, now, even more confused what you mean about “drop down” options? You’ll have to show me image"

AMIBCP shows some predefined memory speeds like 1333/1600/1866/2133/2400 in dropdown menu like this:


So I wasn’t sure what will I see exactly once this menu is unhidden in BIOS - whether I would be able to enter any value I want in this section “Memory clock” - or whether it will be predefined value in dropdown menu like this - I guess I will find out once I flash the bios

#2:“What memory speed/timings is it running at now? And what is the SPD and XMP profile speeds/timings?”

Regarding this: not much that I know except memory is running at 2400 MHz - and judging by the Kingston’s specs - it can run unlocked on XMP profile up to 3200 MHz - if the bios would allow it; I’m posting screenshot from CPU-z to answer this question - I believe you will find it more interesting:


P.S. I think what I managed to read somewhere on Kingston’s website that the RAM would automatically OC’ itself if motherboard allows it… But I will play with bios settings to see what is possible after you unlock it and post back more info here

#3: "Does your laptop have RGB keyboard LEDS?"

It has backlight option - but at the moment with this bios as it is - it only lights up in one (white light) with two lightning options - medium dimmed light and low dimmed light.

@Dorin1996 - Thanks - Do you need only setting changed, or do you want unlocked menu?

@drmusama - Ahh, thanks, I totally missed that “Memory Clock” setting, while I was looking around for timings etc. So, it seems you can at least set speed there, this and what I mentioned is your only real memory related settings in this BIOS.
Yes, those are the only possible memory speed options (1333-2400). You wont be able to enter anything, only select from those speeds. You should be able to do that now, since you have chipset visible, can you not see it?
Yes, if your board has XMP enabled then it would choose an XMP profile, if there was one at 2400 speed range (not likely, since this is 3200 memory), you can check all XMP profiles with HWINFO64 or possibly you can see them all in CPU-z SPD tab (it only shows 4, if there is 8+ profiles then you may not see XMP ones)

Thanks, looks like it’s running as fast as it can on this board, 2400 CAS 14 - It may be able to do better timing at that speed, but you can’t know for sure without testing that on some other board and then confirming stability.
And if you wanted to edit the timings you’d have to pay $25 for paid copy of Taiphoon Burner, and that may only work for you if #1 your memory is not write-protected, and #2 you find DDR4 board that we can edit BIOS on to unlock SPD Write Protection (may or may not be locked on this board, but it’s not in BIOS so we can’t adjust if it is locked)

I asked about RGB backlight because in the BIOS there is 3 (2 really) light effect options, in other BIOS this is for RGB keyboard and one controls sleep mode LED or pre-OS and other is while in OS lighting effects.
I was going to make visible for you, but unsure if white LED keyboard would work with those, but we can see what happens - I’ll make visible for you anyway

Yay okay awesomeee

I’ll inspect the entire BIOS to see what is possible once you unlock it and I flash it - and then post back to see…

@Lost_N_BIOS - Well, if possible, unlocked menu. My main focus is only to enable "Wake up after Power Failure" .

@drmusama - what do you mean, you’ll find out what is possible?? Ohh, about the keyboard LED’s?
OK, unlocking BIOS now