Bios mod for Dell Vostro 3559

Hi guys…need help if is it possible…

I have a Dell Vostro 3559 - cpu i5-6200u
Bios Revision: 1.2.5
Bios Type: Phoenix Tool report me EFI / Insyde Bios (Dell Hdr)

Downloaded from…tro3459_125.exe

This bios comes with Intel management engine firmware
In these days i flashed the laptop with the newest intel management engine firmware ( with FWupdate method)
I see in the dell website that is out now new bios version at this link:…tro3459_126.exe

so i flashed it. All ok but the Intel management Engine bios part give me error on dell Firmware update procedure (I think because my version is more updated than the version equipped in 1.2.6 that is always
I revert back with downgrade to 1.2.5. All ok.
Is it possible to modify the 1.2.6 bios version to bypass/cheat the Intel Management Firmware Control and to proceed to overwrite the ME firmware with the oldest version equipped in 1.2.6 bios?
Thanks in advance

No, that would be an invalid FWUpdate downgrade because of’s lower VCN compared to’s. If you can update the BIOS to the newer version, you can ignore that ME error since yours is newer.

Thanks for quick reply Plato.
My problem is eventually for the future. Avoid warranty problems because i think that my bios actually results to Dell like alterated.
If i would totally downgrade the bios the only way is SPI programmer. Right?
I have read in internet some forums that suggest SPI programmer based on chip CH341A + clip. Is it right?
The bios re-program process seems to be easy and quick.
Thanks in advance

You won’t have warranty problems if you just update the ME via FWUpdate and the system works. You haven’t altered the BIOS, the ME is not part of the BIOS. Yes, you would now need a programmer to revert the ME to an older version after some research & work but a) that will definitely void the warranty and b) it’s not worth the trouble as there is no problem

hi plato and thanks for reply.
I ordered a CH341a with SOP8/SOIC8 test clip. I think maybe It’s a good little business work to reflash laptop bios.
However i have some question. Dell Bios is particular. I read another post when you explain how to extract hdr file.
First step to extract from official exe file to hdr file
Second step to extract every single bios part from hdr - with lordkag script -
Ok all done.

But in my Dell Bios i read on screen some part like Service Tag, ecc ecc…
Eventually do i dump these? And how to do?
I don’t care SLIC or to insert windows keys because originally there was FreeDos installed.

Any BIOS tags or similar will be kept at your dumped BIOS. I don’t know how Dell sets these at the BIOS if that’s what you’re asking. Maybe AMIBCP if it’s an AMI BIOS?

AFAIK this is done either via Dells "own" tools (like WinFlash32) or i think the normal Insyde tools.