Computer shutting down after exactly 30 minutes

so the issue is in the title.
I have a Packard-Bell Easynote TE11HC. I wanted to change my cpu ( Intel Pentium B960 ) to an i5 3210M.
Since I did, my computer suddenly crashes after exactly 30 minutes. After spending hours online, I ended up on this forum, because that problem might come from an issue with Intel ME. Indeed, when i ran the Intel CSME detection tool, i get a message saying that the driver of Intel/TXEi is not up-to-date or that my computer does not allow access to ME/TXE.
I am simply looking for someone willing to help.
I am not very good in computering, but i think i can understand if someone accepts to indicate me the steps to follow.
Thank you very much.

Which chipset?

Intel SATA Controller AHCI.

Chipset would mean something like HM65, HM70, HM75, QM77, …

Sorry for the bad reply, and thanks for your answers.
Using Speecy, it tells me that the Southbridge model is HM70.

Would you like to dumped your bios file and upload to the forum?

Yes sure, but how do i get those ?
I am willing to provide anything required but i need some indications since i am not really good in computering.
Thanks for your help.

I’m sorry, but HM70 has hardware restrictions implemented by Intel. There are very few low-budget processors that will work with this chipset.…ss-chipset.html
Can be unlocked chipset hm70?
cpu upgrade leads to 30 min shutdown

Ok so nothing to do ?
I mean like, my pc is definitly compatible with the cpu as i can use it perfectly for 30 minutes. So as i understand it, it is only Intel who does not want me to use it just because my socket is too cheap. But so is there no way to cheat on this 30 min timer ? Like by resetting it every 30 min to avoid having to reboot the laptop ?

Your understanding is right. And I never read a solution, this is not firmware, it’s hard-wired into the chipset itself. Check if there werre other versions of this notebook which used different chipsets. If so: try to find one of those mainboards used…

But since we’re talking SNB/ IVB it’s probably not worth the money.

bios update:…ELL&SC=EMEA_27P
EDIT1: perform dust cleaning and thermal paste replacement
EDIT2: Intel ME (Management Engine) Driver:…ELL&SC=EMEA_27P

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amd_comeback, thanks for your reply, but my Bios is already up-to-date, the pc clean and the thermal past correct.
Could the Intel ME driver change anything to the issue ?

No its not driver related, i`ve encountered several machines with such restriction, its HW limitation…TOSHIBA mostly, some HP, even if the chipset officially supports it. They r simply restricted by the OEM.

Well, ok then.
Thanks everyone for your help, I am just going to put back the Pentium B690 and try to sell the i5.
Thank you very much.

Hey wait, I did some research on this. You can try this put the computer to sleep every 28 or 29 minutes. This resets the artificial limitation that Intel makes. Use it like this for now. I know it might be uncomfortable to use it like this.