Develop a tool to sandbox a live version of BIOS file?

Any tools or methods of knowing what you’re extracting from the UEFI/BIOS when you look at a string of numbers and letters?

This above is the reason I’m curious.

I’m not sure how people know in the UEFI what certain things in a string of letters & numbers refer to which? If i wanted to extract HPET & wanted to place it in another BIOS file to flash, how would i know which is which?

It seems Lost_N_BIOS just replaced the 3DM01 Boost thing with HPET rather than somehow placing it in a new spot in the file so you won’t have to delete certain existing settings?
Below is a reference to how Lost_N_BIOS did this i believe.
Gigabyte G1.Sniper M5 (Z87) F10 -HPET NVME Mod

If it’s complicated, would someone develop a tool that sandboxes the BIOS file in a live environment & it’ll be like a Google Chrome (Right click → Inspect) feature, it’s kind of like that. Maybe compare different BIOSes too?
What i mean by Inspect is when you right click Inspect on your browser, and hover over anything, it’ll tell you code or where certain things are located for where you’re pointing at. This would definitely help if you wanted a setting but can’t figure out where it’s located.
By pointing your mouse in the live sandbox of the BIOS file, it would come up and you’ll want let’s say the LLC setting maybe… By hovering over it, it’ll show in another screen/tab with the code or where it’s located and can be extracted maybe with other already existing tools so let’s hassle?

Thanks, hoping for a reply.