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@SoniX , UBU become too old. It urgently needs update(s). Some of us, of course know how to maintain it, but newbies may get confused, updating 9 month old files takes some time. MCE DB reached to r220. Please maintain UBU as soon as possible!


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How can I download UEFI BIOS Updater v1.79.17?

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By reading >this< Guide and clicking onto one of the related download links.
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Dieter (alias Fernando)

I have read in your post that for atptio 5 bioses
“If the addition of an AMI MMTool is required, the currently best choice is to add the v5.0.0.7 (remamed as “mmtool_a4.exe”) and additionally the v5.2.0.24 (renamed as “mmtool_a5.exe”).” >>> is required

The version of MMTool i have found somehow but not the v5.2.0.24 …
I renamed the version of MMTool to mmtool_a4.exe.

I anticipate that aptio 5 bioses need the v5.2.0.24 … but i can’t find it - can you help to find it ?

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As written within the start post of >this< thread, you should do a Google search for "MMTool Aptio 5.02.0024 Mod".
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Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thank you very much for claryfing it, Fernando!

I want to add the microcode of Xeon P-8136 to my X11SPi-TF Supermicro board…
As i do not have any board that can run this OEM CPU i googled and found this screenshot, so i thought 50653 would be the correct number:


Then i saw that UBU is coming with a .bin files with intel microcodes
Where can i get such microcode for myself so i could use UBU to update , or better ADD it to my bios?

Is the only way to run this CPU on another board, run MC Extractor , dump the microcode into such .bin file and then use UBU to add it to my bios?

As the name "UEFI BIOS Updater" says, this tool can only update BIOS modules, which are already present within the related mainboard BIOS.
If you want to insert a natively not present BIOS module, you will have to use another BIOS tool, which is able to do it (e.g. the UEFITool).

Thanks again for the clarification!


If you want to try them, try mod1 first. If it does not work (POST error), try mod2. Mod1: I added 50653 to the existing microcodes, mod2: I replaced 50657 with 50653.

I also updated the following in both:

OROM Intel VROC for SATA ->
OROM Intel VROC for SATA ->
EFI Intel Gigabit UNDI -> 0.1.02
OROM Intel Boot Agent CL -> 0.1.16

Thanks for your help, i added 50653 with MMTool… and it works!!! so this approach of yours is certainly correct!

EFI AMD RAIDXpert2-Fxx - 9.3.0-00308 (UBU AMD RAID VXpert_9)
OROM VBIOS Cezanne -

AMD_AM4.rar (226 KB)

EDIT: Txs Michael

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@MeatWar, we have newest :grinning:
RAIDXpert2_Fxx_9.3.1-00029.zip (133.0 KB)


When trying to update the “files” folder in UBU what is the expected process?

Like the RST folder was empty. I assume I just dump any expanded new bin(s) I might want to use there.

Will the tool look in sub folders automatically? Or only for the existing folders?

I downloaded the microcode archive from this forum…and see many more files in it for my processor type. Do I copy all those files into the UBU tool’s folder to offer them? Or is that where the “user” microcode folder comes into play (and I run that gen whatever cmd)?

Drop updated microcode into appropriate folder (\Files\intel\mCode\socket) and correct entry in \Files\intel\mCode\MCUpdate.txt

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My DEAR freinds, Dieter, Pluto!!! About Sonix. In PM dont ask me. I have **UBU_1_79_17** with newest microdes.Can I public its without **Sonix**? Withou him.........t Both from Russian Dieter, I sad to you, dogs master. You- where? I`m remember. Low Bow

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Thank you very much for your idea and willingness to build an updated variant of the meanwhile partly outdated UBU tool v1.79.17 dated 07/03/2021. Many UBU users are waiting for such update.
Since SoniX is the maker of the tool, he should give his agreement for such action. Please send him a PM and ask for it.
If he should agree, it is very important, that the updated UBU tool v1.79.17 contains the latest available help tools and the most recent BIOS modules from all manufacturers, which are listed within the “Files” folder.
Good luck!

I repeat for You, Sonix dont ask me in PM about 1...1.5 month. I dont know, what I will doing next time. Thank for you, you my friend.

Something similar is done at AMD and Nvidia GOP update (No requests, DIY) - BIOS/UEFI Modding / BIOS Modding Guides and Problems - Win-Raid Forum (level1techs.com). You can attach unofficial “fixed” archives as replies here, but you must make sure to keep the current/“official” version and add your own suffix at the end. For example: “UBU_1_79_17_ Michael_Code_Fix_1”. Note though that these won’t be listed at the “official” OP. Those who are interested in unofficial UBU fixes, can find them in this thread’s replies.