ESPRIMO P920 + adapter PCI-E to M.2

Hello! This is my first forum post!
My computer is:
ESPRIMO P920, Intel (R) Core ™ i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz.
I installed the AXAGON PCI-E adapter for the M.2 drive (Samsung 970 Evo plus). The problem is that I did not notice this in the specification …:

I made an attempt to edit my bios according to the instructions: [HowTo] Get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS
MMTool gave me an error: Error in Inserting file

My Bios:

D3222-A1x - Admin package - Compressed Flash Files
Version (Build/Date)
V4.6.5.4 - R1.47.0 (26/08/2019)
95.11 MB
Please help me!

How flash bios later?

anybody help me?

If the default OEM provided bios tools for flash, cannot flash a mod bios file, then most probably the BIOS is locked with security measures to prevent “Unknown” bio files.
Unlock ur bios, use FPT and make a backup of the latest/currently bios on system (same version as the one to mod),edit/mod the backup and flash it again with FTP.
Keep in mind that all mod bios, specially OEM machines, envolve RISKS, urs to take only, bios SPI backups, recovery methods from OEM/Machine…its all life savers.

[Guide] How to flash a modded AMI UEFI BIOS
[Guide] Unlock Intel Flash Descriptor Read/Write Access Permissions for SPI Servicing
[GUIDE] Grub Fix Intel FPT Error 280 or 368 - BIOS Lock Asus/Other Mod BIOS Flash

Also…if u look and dedicate some time to it, there is plenty of FSC mod/flashes/other solutions on this forum.