Failed to modify MSI X570 ACE BIOS using AMIBCP 5.02.0031.

After I enabled SR-IOV support, I tried to keep the modified BIOS.
But I only got the following error report.

Error occurred in BIOS rebuild (#00000D00D)

What should I do?

@Dark_iaji - You cannot use AMIBCP 5.02.0031 to edit this BIOS, it’s not compatible. Even with modified AMIBCP, more changes than you intend to make will happen
You will have to make the edit manually to NVRAM (ALL areas) and AMITSE/Setupdata. If you need me to do, let me know
I can show you how to make the AMITSE/SetupData edit to change Access Level or Failsafe/Optimal, but explaining NVRAM edit is too difficult to show until I have time to make out a guide
For AMITSE/SetupData edit >> AMITSE/SetupData Edit When AMIBCP Doesn’t open BIOS (See last part of post + Image)
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But really, since I can’t show you how to the the NVRAM edit, I’ll have to make the changes for you. Please tell me what version BIOS you want edited, and the exact change you want made (exact setting name, and value you want set)

In fact, since the BIOS may be iterated in the future, I hope to enable SR-IOV support in the future BIOS.
Anyway, thank you for answering my confusion.

In addition, I just want to enable this option that is disabled by the manufacturer in the BIOS, so I only need a modified AMIBCP?

@Dark_iaji - No, you just have to learn how to make the changes manually.
Modified AMIBCP is not safe to use for actual edit, it makes to many other changes than what you intended, and this mainly for when BIOS does not open in AMIBCP to begin with (too many strings, or language file too long etc
It should only used for inspection, viewing etc due to this, so I don’t like to pass it around really or people will end up bricking boards due to using it anyway when they know they shouldn’t.

To change a single setting default, you need to edit the following, and really the only tough or confusing part for most people would be all the NVRAM edits >>
NVRAM @ top of BIOS region (may need 1-3 changes, or more if not stock BIOS file) + NVRAM inside main BIOS DXE volume (1-2 changes, depending on contents)
+ Setup edit + AMITSE/SetupData Edit + one change on the direct BIOS as a whole via straight hex (Due to PEI region) to edit shadow copy of NVRAM in last PEI volume

How much do you know about editing BIOS, using UEFITool and hex editors etc?
If you know some of all that, I can do the edit, send you the files before/after, and tell you which tools I used to do the edit (mainly talking UEFITool 25.0 usually, not newer or older)
Otherwise, it’s much easier for me to just do the edit for you if you want?

Since I am not very familiar with the BIOS, I tried grub-mod-setup_var, grub-mod-setup_var can work for me, I successfully modified the SR-IOV settings.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Dark_iaji - For sure, yes, if you simply want to change settings (currently applied), you can use grub/setup_var or RU method

I just explained how to do AMITSE/SetupData edit again with new image/outline for another user here, if you want to try and learn how that works (for when AMIBCP can’t open BIOS)
But, this does not show about editing NVRAM live or defaults etc I need to make huge in-depth guide about that, but never enough time

But yes, if you don’t want to edit or flash mod BIOS, or can’t learn how to do the edits, or don’t trust yourself, you can always change live applied values via grub/setup_var or RU
Or, you can always ask for mod BIOS, I can edit any of this for you, defaults in all areas NVRAM, do the setup and AMITSE/SetupData edits, make menus or settings visible that are hidden etc.