Find the best Win7 Generic drivers for USB 3.0/3.1 Controllers.

Test for few months, I succeed to find the best Generic drivers for USB 3.0/3.1 Controllers. Because it can work well for AMD X570 and Ryzen 3000 CPU now.
So I think we may can use win8/8.1/10 self USB drivers, transplant them on win7. But I don’t know any programming.
Also we can use IDA 7.2 pro to open win8/8.1/10 self USB drivers, they can auto load .pdb files, maybe it can help us to transplant them on win7.
I hope more people can try to transplant them.

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Gentlemen,do you think it is possible to transplant win8/8.1/10 USB drivers on win7?

I think that’s impossible since it’s a category of devices that misses from 7. Just the same as for accelerometer sensors which I have on my Acer SP515 convertible laptop. There is no such device class in Windows 7.

I hope i’m wrong though.

I had found the best USB driver and it can support X570 and RYZEN 3000 series CPU and AMD/NVIDIA USB-C,No BSOD now.

Any link to test? Thanks.

Because of the NDA, I can not share it right now, this driver will post few weeks latter,which is working for the Graphics card USB-C on win7.
And it can modify to as a generic usb driver.

does it work with AMD USB 3.2 ports?

Yes,work very well.

what about USB Audio on 3.2 ports? current win7 driver does not work well with attached USB Audio devices.

Yes,USB Audio also work.

[Solution] Win7 drivers for USB 3.0/3.1 Controllers of new AMD X570 mainboard.

Do we get the UCSI USB Connector Manager too? I have an “USBC000”, I have no idea what the manufacturer is, it’s a USB Type-C connector on my Acer Spin 5 SP515 laptop.

Is the driver ready to be uploaded? I can’t wait to test

I think the driver can not support USBC000, because the universal USB device ID is PCI \ CC_0C03, and the universal ID of the USB-C interface used by AMD and Nvidia graphics cards is also PCI \ CC_0C03. But your device ID is USBC000, which is more difficult to solve.

My device ID is ACPI\USBC000. I will find a photo of the motherboard of the laptop, maybe I can find a chipset of the USB-C controller.

I couldn’t find any photo of the motherboard where I could see the USB-C chipset. All I can say is that my ACPI\USBC000 device installs as UCSI USB Connector Manager in Win10. Does your generic driver have support for UCSI USB?

I think it can not support UCSI USB. Maybe it is different from the other USB controllers.

Yes, maybe. According to microsoft, the ucsi usb-c devices were only introduced starting win10. Such a device class doesn’t exist in win7 of 8.1. See here:…ers/usbcon/ucsi

I currently don’t use this, but it would be useful to use it with an usb-c to hdmi adapter to have 4k output at 60hz. I also found an USB 3 non-C adapter that does this, but it’s way to expensive:…&language=nl_NL It’s not a big deal since I only use 4k to watch 4k movies, for other purposes I still use 1080p, so 4k at 30hz is enough for movies which are standard 24hz.

That’s the same for gyroscope sensor, which I can’t have it working in win 7. They work however starting win8:…trabook-sensors It is used to rotate the screen automatically.
Luckily someone created an app called Cleartype Rotate which I can use to rotate the screen of my convertible laptop and have the cleartype displayed correctly in the mode I choose.

Generic USB 3.0 driver from Windows 8 has been successfully backported to Windows 7 by daniel_k on My Digital Life forums:…-7-vista.81934/

I’ll give it a try with my USB-C device.

It doesn’t work, actually that driver works with usb-c that do not act as acpi device. Mine does that. I guess there won’t ever be a solution to port UCM UCSI device class to win7…