Funny citations (2023 - updated)

ALERT, some one helps and get Microsoft noticed…as its now common :crazy_face:

Forum user question to:
“How did you try to get Win10/11 installed?”
User answer:
“It is common that everyone can install WIndows into the NVMe SSD, but can not boot it.”

NO Fernando NO! I QUIT :joy:

ALERT, some one helps and get Microsoft noticed…Windows is…maybe… “The Bad Guy” :crazy_face:

“…@Fernando, No. I quit, Fernando. You don’t ask me to turn off all Windows features, and make Windows the bad guy”

HOW TO BREAK HP Pro x360 435 13.3 inch G9 Notebook PC

Sarcastic moment of the day”, as we need to loose ourselves and relax a bit…

As you are not clear regarding physical break or system bios break, other than conventional methods as service guides, ifixit etc… i do suggest a heavy duty hammer, works always as intended, theres also reports of precision drill right into the core bios IC, deploying a small amount of “explosive matter” hopping that the blast radius can be even distributed according bios code…still the level of destruction is not uniform, this is MOD world and we cant really know the correct percentage of dmg applied, so im really not responsible for the results using the methods provided, all the best and good luck.

This “post” will self-destruct on the end of the day. :rofl: :crazy_face: :boom:

EDIT: :eyes: Keep in mind that the correct position of the torso, will dictate the correct balance and applied force on impact, this is the crucial part of the operation.