Get your Intel HD3000 (Sandy Bridge) Windows 10 64bit drivers here

Core isolation below kaby lake is bad. Consider 20% lost of performance by my experience.
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Hi! Just a quick question. So I installed the driver and did everything from a pendrive and when I disconnected the pendrive the problem occured again. My issue with windows 10 and the hd3000 was that when I power on my notebook sometimes it won’t display anything but sometimes the display went dark when I was using it. This problem only existing in windows 10. So my question is that I have to install it and store in locally on the computer when I want it to work?

What you are describing sounds like a hardware issue or the result of a feature you’re unaware of, I’d check to see if your laptop has any setting like vari-bright, which automatically adjusts screen brightness to save power. I’ve used this driver on multiple laptops now and never had that issue, neither has anyone else that I’m aware of.

No I’m not using vari bright or anything like that. I have nvidia dedicated gpu in there and the integrated HD3000. I’ll be honest. I work in IT and at my workplace lot of workers come to me to help their problem. This is also one of the worker’s notebook and I tried installing windows 8.1 becouse I wanted to close out every hardware issue and my theory was right. It is some kind of software issue in windows 10 becouse with 8.1 it works perfectly. Any idea for that?

If you’re trying to describe what I think you are (TBH what you’re trying to explain isn’t coming across very clearly at all) W10 used to remember different brightness settings for both AC and battery mode but MS broke that function and instead of fixing it they just “changed” how it works by just having W10 use the same brightness level regardless of if the laptop is in AC or battery mode, it’s been a well known issue for some time with W10.

Okay. I can’t find much information about what you write. Can you help me out please? I only found 2 registry keys that I have to change. Any other things that I have to do?

I haven’t looked into the way W10 changed screen brightness so you’d need to ask someone else here or do some googling.