Getting various Intel Drivers for W10 to work in W7

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After finally getting Win7 successfully installed on my Z390 motherboard (ASUS Maximus XI Hero), I started installing the corresponding drivers - I always start installing the Intel drivers first and the Intel drivers are also among those drivers, that cause the most headache (give me the most trouble) together with some ASUS motherboard drivers. The problem is, some drivers are (intentionally?) restricted to support/install on Win10 only - despite it’s very likely, that they would work on Win7, too!

These are the Ones, that refuse to install on Win7 (the installer prematurely aborts the install setup):

- (Intel Ethernet Driver - according to Intel, 25_0 is the last version that’s supported in Win7)
- SetupRST.exe (official Intel version of the RapidStorage driver - latest version
- (ASUS-customized version of the RapidStorage driver - latest version
- (Intel Management Engine Interface - downloaded from ASUS Maximus XI Hero download portal)
- (Realtek SupremeFX Audio Driver for ASUS Maximus motherboards)

Intel® Ethernet Adapter Complete Driver Pack

Intel® Rapid Storage Technology Driver Installation Software with Intel® Optane™ Memory

ROG Maximus XI Hero - Helpdesk

So, anyone has a suggestion how to modify or enforce these drivers to install on Win7 ?


Nobody got any idea?


@AbsoluteZero Do the drivers have a Windows 7 section in the .inf? If they do, load up the inf in notepad, go to the last field in the 7 section, copy it, and then paste it below. Using Device Manager, open up the driver properties for the drivers you are installing and go to either Hardware IDs or Compatible IDs. Copy the value that is similar to the existing ones in the INF and paste it into the last field. Save the files. If running the exe doesn’t work, then you will need to use Have Disk and point to the inf files. This should hopefully solve your problem.

@AbsoluteZero …I have all of those drivers running on W7 with an ASUS B360M chipset. The chipset is actually Intel and the Z390 is similar to the B360.

Surprisingly, I did not have to force any of them except for the USB drivers. I used the modded drivers by CanonKong. The rest I got online by connecting to one of the driver sites which scan your system and recommend the correct driver. Try what @Moline suggests re INF file.

My Ethernet device hardware is PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_15BC&SUBSYS_86721043&REV_10
and is called Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (7) I219-V

Driver: e1d62x64.sys …you can find the INF and driver in one of the Intel driver packages.

My storage controller is Intel(R) C600+/C220+ series chipset SATA AHCI Controller and I think it’s one of Fernando’s controllers from this site. My XP SATA controller is signed by Fernando, not sure about this one.
Hardware Id = PCI\VEN_8086_&DEV_A352&SUBSYS_86941043&REV_10

Driver: iaStorA.sys - Intel -
iaStorF - same

My onboard audio driver is a Realtek driver with hardware ID:
Driver: Realtek Semiconductor Corp. version:

I am using external video and audio cards so I can’t help you there. My video card is an Nvidia GT 730 and my audio card is a Creative XFi series. I am not using the

It seems you cut yourself off there.

For the ethernet driver, exactly what adapter is it? i225-v? If so, canonkong already included drivers for these in his amd usb support archive.
For the MEI, they are already listed in this thread.