Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD5H-BK BIOS upgrade

I’m Daniele from Italy :slight_smile:

This is the first time I have performed this. I have upgrade BIOS official F8 with UBU v1.70.rc20.1 following the thread in this forum, , thanks for guide, very well done.

With beta bios posted in tweaktown forum, section gigabyte, version F9b I had error in the microcode section, even substituting the various versions of MMtool.exe. Starting instead from the official F8 version, the update was successful, from 8 items in automatic UBU moved to 4. MMtool.exe is modded.

This is before:

Applied C and then M all automatic this part has changed as shown below

Is it correct ???

This is the part with the various updates and the latest versions that UBU has updated

Another doubt is on the LAN section, here below the initial situation, and then the updated part, using the choice 1 for intel "recommended". As you can see, it has changed the wording and version. All right ?

Moreover the version of OROM QCM-Atheros PXE - there was no way to change it in as UBU gave it available

How can a modify version number inside a BIOS ?

This should all be asked in the UBU help thread, do you want me to move it there? @Romanetto
If you want F9b mod BIOS, updated with microcodes I can do that for you first, then you can use UBU to update the rest yourself once you have all those questions answered. I assume it’s simply due to version naming changes, for the Atheros you’ll have to see what SoniX says in the UBU thread.

Thanks, if you move the discussion I would be grateful, sorry.

I have installed the F9b for a long time and it works well, I thought that starting the F8 base did not change but if you advise me to use the F9b I would take advantage of your microcode update, thanks

I don’t advise which BIOS you use, I was only mentioning F9b since you did and it seemed you wanted that but couldn’t get it updated how you wanted. And there’s no need to use F8 was all I meant.
So I offered to update the problematic part of F8b for you, then you could do the rest once you have answers about the UBU stuff. You never mentioned what error you had with UBU and F9b with microcodes?
I’d have to look at the BIOS, but what you showed is correct for microcode updates, only it took all microcodes and put in one volume instead of duplicate volumes, but the BIOS may rely on duplicate volumes, so I would redo with duplicate volumes like the stock version when I update them for you.

And it’s OK, we’ll leave this thread here I suppose since I keep reply , but for your UBU questions ask in the UBU thread, then once you are sure what you want to do I can do the microcode update part on F9b for you that way you don’t have to deal with those problems you were having with it.
Ask about the UBU “Versions” stuff here, no need to add all that info at the top since I’ll do the microcode stuff for you - [Discussion] UBU Tool related Questions, Reports and Suggestions

@Romanetto - Link me to F9b file you want updated microcodes in

I’m sorry for not understanding, my English is not the best. I would like to use the latest available BIOS which is in beta version (version F9b that I have been running for about 2 years) and how you can guess it is not updated. So I wanted to update the modules using UBU. In the microcode section I got this ERROR: The firmware volume is out of space, could not add file d1e59f50-e8c3-4545-bf61-11f002233c97

Please you can update the microcode section with the duplicates, thanks. This is the download link for the BIOS F9b:…

Ok let’s leave the thread here and if you think it is appropriate, I will update it with the questions I will put in the thread you indicated to me, it could help someone.


@Romanetto - It’s OK, I thought your English was pretty good, didn’t even know until you mentioned

So, with UBU, aside from your “Network Versions” concerns, does everything else update correctly without errors, aside from microcodes?
If so, then I will mod BIOS with updated microcodes, all you have to do is update rest with UBU, once you’ve got answer from SoniX in the UBU thread about the network version stuff.

The issue is the second volume, not enough room to update all 4 microcodes at same time and fit VTF back in there, even if removing some padding from other modules it’s tough to do
Do you use ES/QS (Engineer sample CPU’s) ever? If not, you can loose 306C1 microcode (or 306C2, but we can leave/update it), then all can be updated in both volumes (306C2, 306C3, and 40671), would that be OK for you?

I posted as you advised me in the thread, I hope that SoniX responds but there was a misunderstanding on the text of the message by Fernando that has inserted the spoiler command by compressing the message. The questions have been masked, leaving at the sight only the part of the change in version and date that is only an unimportant thing. I tried to write it down in response a little further below
Could you please give it a look? [Discussion] UBU Tool related Questions, Reports and Suggestions (314)

I do not use particular CPU version, I have on an i5-4690K and at most I could upgrade it with an i7-4790K if I find it at the right price in the future. I do not know the matter so I can decide the questions you ask me, considering the versions of CPU that I could install, I trust your experience / knowledge.

Thanks a lot and happy new year

PS: google translator helpme so much

I guess maybe I did not understand either then? I assumed you’d want to ask SoniX, why the versions was lower number and different names, like this in short question

3 - Network (Original)
EFI Intel PRO/1000 UNDI - 5.1.00
OROM Intel Boot Agent GE - 1.5.04
EFI Lx Killer Network UNDI -
OROM QCM-Atheros PXE -

VS - Updated
3 - Network
EFI Intel Gigabit UNDI - 0.0.22
OROM Intel Boot Agent CL - 0.1.13
EFI Lx Killer Network UNDI -
OROM QCM-Atheros PXE -

On the CPU question, I mean do you use retail CPU’s always, or sometimes use engineering private Intel qualification testing samples ever? If you only ever use retail then it will be OK for you if I remove CPUID 306C1

Change BIOS version and date can be tricky, and yes I did not understand you asked about this at all until now. I thought you meant Network driver versions
Some tools pull info from the GUID you mentioned, others may not, so other GUIDs may need edited. What do you want the BIOS version and date to be?
I will make that change for you on BIOS when I do the microcodes and you can tell me if only that GUID you mentioned changes updates the info where you are wanting to see it changes.

In fact, I wanted to ask why the different of LAN option and the question is between the various screens that I have inserted. I also asked if the final result was congruent but with the inclusion of the spoiler command they remained hidden. as you had advised me initially, but I was verbose and not concise as you suggest.

Yes, I always use retail CPU.

You’re very kind, it’s not important to change the version and date, the most important thing is the microcode update. That change of version and date interested me only for a question of my mental order nothing more. in the eventuality F10 and 01/01/2019

In the post in the other room, the request for how to change the version and date I entered it for completeness of information but I was misunderstood by Fernando, the important things are under the spoiler, while the not important (change version and date) have remained in sight of everyone.

@Romanetto :
I will temporarily remove the “spoiler” and reinsert it after you have gotten SoniX’s reply. Your multiple pictures take too much space.

Here @Romanetto - Flash with Qflash or from DOS -…349300991276749
I am not sure about the LAN version stuff, only gave my guess based on what I’ve seen before, sometimes new version has other name or lower version number. I think manufacturers do that to try us crazy sometimes

Check BIOS date on CPU-z, or in BIOS, or with HWInf64 etc, does it now show F10 1/1/2019?
The GUID you want edited only changes one area (DMI version data), all other F9 and 2016 info areas are still present/unedited, so older info may be detected in various apps or in BIOS etc without additional edits.


@Fernando :
Thanks for removing the spoiler, I have included all the steps to try to give as much information as possible about what I did and most likely also to seek an approval on all the doubts that assailed me in doing so. If you think it is appropriate to reformulate the more concise question as suggested by Lost_N_BIOS I’ll do it.

@Lost_N_BIOS :
Thank you very much for your availability. I downloaded the file and as soon as I will be answered on the change of name and version of the LAN chip will update the various modules. You would probably get bored if the builders were linear in their changes of direction

If you need confirmation on the version and date shown by the BIOS, I’ll put it up immediately, and I’ll confirm it, otherwise I would wait to solve the LAN question with the update of the other modules. I tried to open the BIOS with UBU and show me the updated version. If you were very kind and really competent by updating the microcode part I am very grateful.

@Romanetto - It’s OK to wait to check and see how the BIOS date/version info changes reflect on your end.
As I mentioned previously, I assume some products/apps will show corrected changes (BIOS Version/Date) I made to SMBIOS, and others may still show original date/version, since I only changed the one GUID you mentioned (the SMBIOS one) and not all apps pull this info from that module.
And yes, I updated the microcodes, all changes shown in that image I posted above and included with the file download. It’s all same to me if everyone wants same modifications, when someone strays from the norm like you, I only worry for them if modification will be OK/bootable/suit their wishes etc.

UBU shows BIOS version is F10


Sonix replied in the other thread, the update on the Intel chipset is okay so if the chip is the I217. Not finding any news on which chip mounts in particular, all the specifications of MoBo speak of Intel® GbE LAN phy, I had to read the world printing on the chip itself and I can say with absolute certainty that it is the I217V.

For the problem due to the failure to update the LAN module Killer responds that you should watch the BIOS, I can not and also I would like to neglect this parameter.

I would not abuse your competence and kindness, plus from my experience, I can tell you with certainty that the Intel chip works better than the Killer, so I do not use it.

As soon as possible I’ll let you know how the BIOS update went, if there have been improvements and what version it appears. Thanks a lot

I am very grateful for your work, as indeed Fernando and Sonix

Regarding the update of the Network BIOS modules you should not expect any improvement, unless you are using the “Wake-on-LAN” feature. These modules will only be loaded and used after having enabled this option within the BIOS.

Sounds like you’ll be all set once you apply those other updates than @Romanetto And you’re welcome, I enjoy helping

I have updated the BIOS after SoniX has solved the problem of updating the LAN killer, unfortunately when I enter the BIOS to show me the old version, while cpuz shows me the version and the date as modified by you. No matter going beyond it was just for my very personal mental order. You were very kind, thank you

@Romanetto - Enter BIOS shows you old version of what exactly? CPU-z does not show version or dates… Ohh wait, you mean the fake BIOS version/date!
Yes, as mentioned only certain things will use the GUID you wanted that edited in, others will pull BIOS version/date info from other BIOS modules. I can make further edits for you if you want?

@Lost_N_BIOS - Hello , here in the spoiler you find the two situations that I told you. In the BIOS version and date of the starting version F9b. In cpuz the version and date modified by you

It does not matter, it’s okay so the date is not a vital update and the most important thing is that the BIOS is now updated. You’ve already done a lot and I would not want to abuse your courtesy. Thanks I greatly appreciated what you did.


@Romanetto - I thought that was what you meant, and expected it would happen, since BIOS version/date are stored in several other BIOS modules aside from the GUID you mentioned you wanted edited.
Edit the others is easy to do, but some might cause failed boot, or fail to flash in etc, hard to know without testing. If you have flash programmer just in case recovery is needed, we can change them all if you want?