Gigabyte P55A-UD3 Rev 1.0 Need help

Hi all,

I’m new here and I having a problem with 3TB HDD on my mainboard - it only detect 746gb, cannot do raid 5

I googled and found out that I need a modded bios having Intel RST 11.5 to support 3TB HDDs.
But they only have modded bios for P55A-UD3R and UD3L (mine version is P55A-UD3 Rev 1.0 -,-’ )
(…ified-bios.html )

Can some one guide me how to extract Intel RST Boot Rom from UD3R or UD3L to mine bios version
Latest bios version for my board is : F11 (…x?pid=3242#bios )

Thanks in advance ^^


I did myself. Thanks for Fernando’s post here: [Guide] Award/Phoenix BIOS Modding
I use the tool CBRom32_198 , 155 version did not work with my bios. (It crash when read info ‘\d’)


I updated your BIOS with RAID ROM v11.6.0.1702 with TRIM support. Actually it’s the first time I modded a PHOENIX BIOS but I did it according do the guide in this forum. Maybe you give it a try…

Regards hanson (831 KB)

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It is fine, that you succeeded at least by doing it yourself. Congratulations!

@ hanson:
Thanks for your help!


Hi guys,
I have a very same issue but with Gigabyte P55A-UD3 Rev 2.0.
Do you think that the modded bios for Rev 1.0 will work with my Rev 2.0 MB?

Regards, Mirek

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Only a user, who has already tried it (successfully or not), will be able to answer your question.
Everything depends on the differences between both mainboard revisions.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Okay, I tried it and can confirm that it works! Thanks for that mod bios :slight_smile:


First time user.

I have the very same mobo, Gigabyte P55A-UD3 Rev 1.0. I flashed it using the modded BIOS from Hanson but did not see a UEFI option in the BIOS.
I loaded up Win 10 and during the install it recognized the Toshiba 3TB drive but changed it from GPT back to MBR and split the drive into a 2TB and 0.7TB partition.

So my question is 1) what exactly "works" and 2) what should I see?

Thanks and great site!

Best thing you could do:
Flash the latest stock BIOS you could get onto your board
Make a backup from that BIOS
Get the latest Intel oROM from this forum
Update the oROM yourself as mentioned in the start posting

I would NEVER flash a BIOS from the net since you never know what that other guy did (ok… you could examine the bios…)… if it’s still not working for you i would recommend you come back and we have a look

Quick response - thanks.

I will put the last stock BIOS in and then need to learn how to mod the BIOS. Which oROM would you suggest since there seems to be several versions and some are more optimized for the various chipsets.

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It depends on the RAID mode of your Intel 5-Series Chipset SATA Controller:
a) RAID0: Intel RAID ROM v11.2.0.1527 (in combination with the Intel RST RAID driver v11.2.0.1006 WHQL)
b) all other RAID combinations: Intel RAID ROM v12.9.0.2006 (in combination with the Intel RST(e) RAID driver v12.9.4.1000 WHQL)

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thanks Fernando for your quick response.

Since I am not going to Raid this PC, Intel RAID ROM v12.9.0.2006 (in combination with the Intel RST(e) RAID driver v12.9.4.1000 WHQL) is the option.
When this modded BIOS is flashed (which I still have to learn how to do) will I see UEFI option and be able to use GPT?

I am here in Australia and it is 9:00 PM Sunday. Thanks

If you don’t use the “RAID” option of the Intel SATA Controller, there is neither a need nor a benifit, if you update the Intel RAID ROM. It will not be used at all by your sytem!

Since your mainboard BIOS is not UEFI capable, you will not be able to boot off a system drive, which uses the GUID Partition Table.

So if I use the "RAID" option of the Intel SATA Controller will I be able to use a single 3TB disk as one partition?

Yes, but I don’t see any reason to set the SATA mode of a single HDD to “RAID”. The AHCI mode will be the better choice and you don’t have any problem to get the > TB sized AHCI Volumes detected.

I have intention and i plan to use and apply this modded bios. I’m going to use and apply this modded bios. Hi everyone.

I cannot edit my username. If it is blocked permanently I forgive. Good day to all.