Gigabyte Z390 Master - Enable SPD Write

I need to enable SPD Write on my Gigabyte Z390 Master BIOS. I’m pretty sure a UEFI Tool BIOS mod is needed but only found a guide for a series 100 BIOS like a Z170, not Z390 and it’s not valid.

I know how to mod a BIOS with the UEFI Tool and a Hex Editor but not exactly how to do it with my Z390 Master BIOS.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

@KedarWolf - this is simple BIOS edit mod required for that (Setup + AMIBCP Edit) Both required, confirmed by user I edited PRO BIOS for Here)
Please link me to BIOS you want edited and I will edit for you, if you need me to. Z390 BIOS edit with UEFITool / HEX / IFR is same as for 100 series, you need that edit on setup module and then AMITSE/SetupData edit (or AMIBCP edit = same/same)

For AMIBCP edit >> Setting is located in PCH-IO Configuration, near bottom, set both False.

For Setup - IFR/Hex Edit (example, using F8b info, may not be same for all BIOS)

One Of Option: TRUE, Value (8 bit): 0x1 (default) {09 07 CE 09 30 00 01} << Move this, to below instead, replace 30 with 00
One Of Option: FALSE, Value (8 bit): 0x0 {09 07 CD 09 00 00 00} << Put 30 here

After edit (Default) moves by itself, you will see in post-edit IFR
One Of Option: TRUE, Value (8 bit): 0x1 {09 07 CE 09 00 00 01}
One Of Option: FALSE, Value (8 bit): 0x0 (default) {09 07 CD 09 30 00 00}

I’ve moved your thread into it’s own, since this has nothing to do with UBU editing


Sorry, I’m a bit new to the forums, wasn’t sure if I should post in there or make a new thread.

Here is the BIOS if you could enable DRAM SPD Write.…iew?usp=sharing

@KedarWolf - New to forums? You’ve got a 100+ posts here, and I’ve seen you around long time I think you were even here before me, yes
Zip, Rar, 7zip, always use when sharing files Luckily I’m not on dial-up

Here is mod BIOS, flash using Qflash ONLY, since this is stock BIOS base do not FPT or programmer flash this…691592538384925

If you have not flash tested the BIOS you sent me, don’t use the mod one above either, let me know and I will make you new one from stock and do the microcode update properly (let me know version, or link to non-edit base)
There is a padding file missing above microcode module, this sometimes = bricked BIOS (Due to incorrect microcode update mod). If you’ve already tested the file you sent, then nothing to worry about.


I’m really lost on the editing needed to be able to enable SPD write.

I’d like to learn, so I don’t need to keep asking you to edit a BIOS.

But until I do, can you edit this one?

Confirmed it flashes okay with UBU Tool updated microcode, GOP firmware and RST firmware etc.…iew?usp=sharing

read your answears, you already got a ‘manual’ to get the job done.

This thing works if you guys give bios dump with FPT he mods you flash in bios thats it and it works. Without proper dump you maybe out of luck. If its flashed load in bios optimized defaults and taiphoon works. He edited thing to me.
if SPD edits done you can flash back stock thats it.

I honestly don’t understand what you are telling me here. Is there a guide in the forum how to enable SPD writes?

Edit: I know how to do hex editing but the rest I don’t understand. :frowning:
You can use efiflash(provided in archive) or Q-Flash(in BIOS) to flash.

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