GIGABYTE Z77-DS3H successfully cross-flashed to Z77-D3H 's BIOS. [Still NO Vcore adjustment]

I purchased this Z77-DS3H 4 years ago, and sadly found that there is no Vcore adjustment option in the BIOS settings, I could only increase Vcore in Windows via Intel XTU.
Recently I found this thread, so I downloaded the latest BIOS of Z77-D3H (F23b) and managed to flash it via fptw64. It booted successfully, just restored to default CMOS settings.
I haven’t found any problems so far.
EDIT: The Vcore setting showed, but didn’t make any difference.

@Ferrous :
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Dieter (alias Fernando)

Well, actually setting Vcore didn’t make effect, and I lost memory voltage control.
This reply on that post says that this mobo’s VRM chip is analogical so the Vcore is non-adjustable.
But if it’s true, it makes no sense that:
Why is other voltage adjustable in BIOS settings?
Why can I adjust Vcore via Additional Turbo Voltage in XTU on Windows?

I have found Asrock has implemented the “Additional Turbo Voltage” in their mobo BIOS settings, so I may try cross-flashing Asrock Z77-Pro3 BIOS in the near future.