GL553VD Hybrid graphics disabled due faulty bios updates.

Hi all.
I have problem with my onboard graphics display output has difference when CSM enabled, secure boot disabled. My brightness can adjust screen to low and HDMi output monitor is Working, BUT, i can’t boot to Windows. This the pic:


When CSM is disabled, i CANNOT adjust brightness and HDMi output monitor does not showing yet.
This the pic:


Is this the GOP or VBios which is error???

Let me know if you help analyze something.

Thanks in advance!!

Unfotunately the @IanP50 case is similary my case too about error code 43. But, it is on intel hd graphics 630.

My opinion about the nvidia graphics eror code 43, you can try to flashing vbios on techpowerup site which flashed the subsystem pcie on your nvidia cards.
I know one user succesfully solved the error 43 code on nvidia. But mostly cannot be recovered or fixed due to error code 43 is much problems not the one case.

@lfb6 maybe you can give solution how to revert back my discrete graphics option on uefi bios to be Hybrid graphics becoz of internal graphics screen does not showed! But, using miscrosoft display adapter the hdmi and monitor just fine.

Let me know if you can help me how to analyze about Hybrid settings mod in bios ?

I have frustrated about upgrade/downgrade my bios version and intel hd graphics from old to newer and all OS windows 19 rs1 to 20H2 can’t fixed my Hybrid settings always black screen after installing internal graphics.

I do the BIos mod unlocked about primary graphics settings internal enabled and the result just beep around 3 times on boot windows.