[Guide] Award/Phoenix BIOS Modding

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Who is Dmitri?

Dieter (alias Fernando)

(laughing)…my bad…a person should AT LEAST get the name right…i apologize for that…BUT??? The message is still the same…i really need help with this…(thinking)…hit me back

I doubt, that this procedure will give your Dell Mini 1010 AHCI support. What you additionally need is the BIOS option to set the on-board Intel SATA Controller to "AHCI", but this requires a modification of the related system BIOS module.
I am sorry, but I cannot help you. You should better ask Dmitri …

well thank you for 1) quickly responding to me…(Dieter…you have NO idea how many sites I’ve been to and you either get 1) a pseudo knowitall…or 2) no one even bothers)…& 2) for having a sense of humor…like I said…i’m sorry for that…(laughing)…you have to cut me some slack though (smile)…do you have any idea where I could go for help with this? (SSDs are a nightmare in IDE mode)…LOL…and did you give any thought about my other issue…(the GMA 3600 w/Win10)…again…i thank you…& hit me back if you get time…Peace…& God bless…


NOT SURE WERE TO ASK THIS QUESTION can the dell manufacture use the intel me to lock out a upgrade for a video card

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I am sorry, but I cannot help you, because I do not even understand what you want to know.
If your request should be Intel Management Engine related, I recommend to post it into >this< Sub-Forum. Our Intel ME specialist is plutomaniac.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Hi Fernando

I’ve started looking into your forum back in 2013 when LGA771->775 mod became popular and this also got me into bios modding. I’ve been mostly updating/replacing cpu microcodes in both Award and AMI, but I have also replaced some Option ROM’s on my P5Q3 Deluxe that gave me TRIM support.
I’m very thankful for your guides, great job!

Can you tell me if it is possible to replace MINIT module? I’m an hobbyist overclocker and I want to try swapping this module (for example use EP45T-UD3R as donor for EP45T-Extreme) and see what happens to overclocking abilities of the motherboard. Same question for AMI bios (I’ve heard there was some MMTOOL version that allowed to change that part of ROM).


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Since I have never tried to do it, I don’t know the correct answer, but I am pretty sure, that the risks are high to get a bricked system.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Hello, I have question. Have 2 old laptop’s lenovo and toshiba hardware are same bios phoenix same too. Problem with toshiba after sleep mode wake up coler fan works on 100% very loud and not stop only after restart laptop then works good… But cpu real temperature is 15 20 on lenovo did not any problem in this way…
Any bios solution?

I would not touch any laptop BIOS unless it is really necessary to get the laptop working at all.

:slightly_smiling_face: understand… cpu fan bios operating? On win xp was no problem only on win7

Hey. Guys please tell me how to change Checksum8. (hands, not the program)
For example, in this thread, Actual PCI ROM modules (not AHCI/RAID related) indicates that you need to change a) replacing the DeviceID code and b) correcting the Checksum8. I have in the BIOS AR815x_2.0.2.7.LOM (dev 69 19 73 10) I want to replace with AR815x_2.0.6.6.bin (69 19 20 60).
1. Do I need to change the .bin resolution to .lom
2. When in AR815x_2.0.6.6.bin I change “20 60” to “73 10” it turns out Checksum8 “03”. I correctly think that “03” should be replaced with “00”. Where is Checksum8 to replace the hands, not the program.

@Dagal :
The easiest way is to use SoniX’s tool named SetDevID. Please look into the start post of >this< thread.

1. Do I need to rename from .bin to .lom
2. After using SetDevID, an error occurs.
I type SetDevID 7310 LAN_ROMv2.0.6.6.lom LAN_ROMv2.0.6.6_7310.lom
error - device id 0x7310 not support

@Dagal :
You should better ask SoniX (by directly addressing) and post your question into >this< thread.

Thanks Fernando. SoniX my fellow countryman, and met at your forum.

@Fernando :

"Most important is the exact offset position of the "MEMINITENTRYPOINT", which should be the same as within the original BIOS file.
That is why I recommend to open the "modded" and the original BIOS file simultaneously by a hex editor and to compare the offset data of the "MEMINITENTRYPOINT"."

I correctly understand that bios_mod and original bias is identical.





EP45DS3P.rar (547 KB)

EP45DS3P_MOD.rar (592 KB)

I want to share my experience. In the picture Original_bios my original bios. As noted by SummoneR, the PCI modules above the MINIT should only be changed in HxD (do not use CBROM). So I replaced: SBF.bin, Raidrom.bin, Rtegrom.bin, microcode, and everything works. But if you just touch AHCIROM (which is higher than MINIT) gets a brick.
You can even take the initial bios and run the command: cbrom198 EP45DS3P.F9C / PCI extract extract ahcirom.bin and put it back cbrom198 EP45DS3P.F9C / PCI ICHAAHCI.BIN and there will be a brick. So I sewed this bios and got a brick, thanks to the DualBios function from GIgabyte which saved the situation.
Conclusion: All PCI modules above the MINIT should only be changed in HxD (do not use CBROM).

Hi Fernando!
I just want to ask about the tutorial for replacing modules in Andy’s Phoenix tool. How is it going, or does it going at all? I recently bought a used Packard Bell laptop with Ivy Bridge CPU, and the latest bios, for it, is from November of 2012! It had preinstalled Win 7 upgraded to Win 10, but I want to upgrade PCI ROM modules, microcode etc. but can’t because of lacking the adequate tutorial. I am reluctant to ask anybody to do that for me over the internet, so it would be really helpful if I know that the tutorial is in the making!
Thanks for all the great work!


@diskodasa :
Andyp’s PhoenixTool is a brilliant and very powerful BIOS modding tool, but primarily designed to get SLIC inserted or replaced into/within Phoenix/Insyde/Dell/EFI BIOSes.
To avoid any conflict with Microsoft, this tool is not and will not be offered within this Forum.
If you are searching for more information and download links, please look into >this< MDL thread.