[GUIDE] Haswell-E/EP Xeon CPUID:306F2 Turbo Unlock

Hello friend great content, recently got this card Huananzhi x99-TF and cpu 2678v3 would it be possible to enable all core turbo?

Ps: sorry my english i am using google translator

it´s possible, and i have done this week see my tutorial

@Enraiha - you have noted several issues/things there, all very different and not related at all. 95.2 is due to ME FW and it’s settings, sometimes nothing you can do but adjust Bclk to compensate, or try other ME FW versions
There is so much there, you really need to make your own thread, then I can help.

i recently bought this board to use with my 2697v3
so excited to do this mod over the weekend!
i will post my result !


I asked in the anandtech forum before
Add “v3x4-0.10b-i306f2-rc9.efi” to ffs and add to bios
But nothing works
May I ask you the detailed steps to convert to ffs? Thanks :slight_smile:


@jordanpchome - ffs attached to post one already, and detailed guide to convert efi to ffs linked in post one as well (search “pbatard’s efifs” and you will find it)

[quote="jordanpchome, post:25, topic:32696"] @raun0 [/quote]

Use ffs file provided by @ raun0 and ffs file converted with genmod, but it has no effect
My motherboard is HUANANZHI x99-8m

BIOS.rar (3.9 MB)

@jordanpchome - I know nothing about this mod, or how it works, only what I see posted on page one.
I checked your BIOS, v3v4rc9 looks to be in correct place, but I see you still have microcodes in this BIOS (#1 requirement in guide is to remove microcodes)
Do you need someone to remove them for you, or did you miss that step? If you need me to do it, please attach or upload a stock unedited copy of this BIOS so I can see BIOS before you edited anything.

@raun0 - per your step #2, removing ALL microcodes - Is that necessary, or can you simply remove the microcode per the CPU you plan to be using? Such as CPUID is 306F1, can you just remove 306F1, or do you have to remove all microcodes?

Thanks for your clarifications, I’m surprised no one has asked this yet!

Hi there I was wondering if anybody has made or can make this for the Asus x99 sabretooth tuf motherboard? I had a look but im not so good at bios editing!

Hey Lost, I just removed 6f2 as that is my proc’s ID “2696 v3”. v4’s don’t have this mod so no reason to remove their uCodes 40xxx. Would you mind taking a peak inside the Z10PE-D8 bios for any hidden options or other magic you might be able to perform? https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/So…S-ASUS-4101.zip

Hello! Guys, such a question. I have a mother lga1150, gb b85m-ds3h + xeon 1246v3. Is it possible to make Turbo Unlock on this board?

wrong cpu

Hi everyone,

I have a Asus X99 Deluxe II with E52650 V3.

Does someone has already mod Bios for this board ?

I read some post but I don’t know it enough to do that alone.

Thanks !

Question regarding this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YymioiX9SFg

I was able to unlock the turbo boost with the video before finding this thread, I am wondering something. When I do cpu-z bench/stress or aida64 stress test the turbo unlocks to the maximum, but if I use realbench benchmark it drops 200mhz below the max turbo boost. For linux the stressapptest and other benchmarks also go to 100% turbo clock.

Any idea what this behavior is from?

@Black6spdZ - Do you still need help with anything?

@raun0 - Did you post guide and then run off and abandon thread?
I’m curious what this 2.xMB file called “SandShifter_Instructions” is attached at post #1, it extracts into a 200MB file without extension, and is not referenced in your guide at all. Is this some virus?

I have managed mod bios for Asus X99-A to unlock turbo on Xenon 2640v3.

This instruction doesn’t work with my motherboard in removing microcode by hexeditor step. After this motherboard hangs on error 03 in motherboard display, like in this thread [Asus X99-A] Modded Xeon E5-2695 v3 BIOS - Error 03

Instead this I have used mmtool_a5.exe. But there is problem - bios edited by mmtool_a5.exe is not flashable by USB Flashback.

I removed microcodes for CPUID 306F2 from orginal bios by mmtool_a5.exe , then extract (extract body) microcode module from this bios by UEFITool_NE. To help mod bios I added modified microcode body file to this post.
After this I have replaced (replace body) in oryginal bios microcodes UEFITool with file extracted in previous step. To help this I copied File GUID from properties microcode file in UEFITOOL NE File GUID: 17088572-377F-44EF-8F4E-B09FFF46A070
In UEFI Tool you must search file by this guid and replace body (three times).
And finally import v3x4rc9.ffs as in first post in this thread.
After USB Flashback bios works as expected, and after changing options in bios as is descripted in first post - turbo is unlocked on all cores - 34x multipler.



Finally I have set BCLK to 105,5 MHz and performance increased very much.



If somebody wants flashable bios - there is final, working bios with turbo mod. Bios is flashable by USB Flashback (read MB manual how perform this)

File_Raw_Microcode_body_without 306F2.zip (94.9 KB)

Compatible Intel® Xeon® Processor v3

Hey Raun0! a question for you, I am using a motherboard, X10DAX - Supermicro + CPU 2678v3 / 2x2667v3,
1-What do I need to do to unlock TurboBoost?
2-What’s the difference between this file v3x4-0.10b-i306f2-rc9.efi and this v3_payne_0_0.efi
3-Please help me to Unlock Turbo Boost

Can somebody confirm if the RAM speed will be limited by the CPU when using this unlock?

You mean lowering the frequency of memory?