HDDs on ASMedia 1061 controller are treated as removable devices


OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 (Windows 7)
Drivers: Version (latest I could find für Windows 7)
Mainboard: GA-Z170X-Gaming G1

After installing the driver package both HDDs connected to the asmedia sata ports are shown in the removable device dialogue. The policies tab for changing it, isn’t available (Here)

Also my BIOS doesn’t have any options like “Hotplug” for the asmedia ports. I even tried the DriverPolicySet / TreatAsInternalPort registry tweak.

So is there a way to change this with the current installed drivers or modify the inf file in driver package?

Was thinking about removing “AddReg = DDInstall_AddReg_HW_Removal_Policy” or does this break something? The question would be: Who tells windows about removable feature: the inf file oder the driver itself?

Uninstall the asmedia driver and do the TreatAsInternalPort registry tweak.
It will work.

Hi boombastik,

thx for the hint I will probably do this … still hoping that it could be achieved with the asmedia drivers…