Hello can anyone help me create a mod BIOS?

I have an Asus Z97-P, the BIOS is from 2016 and I don’t think Asus will update a new BIOS anymore.
I tried it myself with UBU, the bin file I renamed to cap , in EZ Flash the error is coming "Selected file is not a proper bios"
USB drive was formatted with fat32
It’s because of the microcode ,spectre meltdown
Can somebody help me?

Many thanks

@Thors :
Note that if you just renamed bios.bin to .cap then it still is not a valid .cap file.

Normal flashing is validating a digital signature and is not going to work with a modded BIOS.
Your motherboard has not support for USB BIOS Flashback so you need to use either AFUDOS /GAN or an SPI flash programmer.

You can find more information about AFUDOS /GAN in the [Guide] How to Flash a Modded BIOS on a ASUS Z97 Motherboard thread.
To avoid losing your on-board LAN MAC address and motherboard UUID and S/N, you need to transfer these using FD44Editor before flashing with AFUDOS /GAN.

Flashing procedure:
Extract CAP using UEFITool (if needed)
Save original BIOS using AFUDOS BACKUP.ROM /O
Transfer MAC, UUID and S/N from BACKUP.ROM to MODDED.ROM using FD44Editor
Flash modded BIOS using AFUDOS MODDED.ROM /GAN
Your BIOS settings will be reset to defaults so you will need to reconfigure it.

Note that to be able to run AFUDOS, you need to boot into DOS, while UEFITool and FD44Editor need Windows so you will need to reboot several times.
You might find Rufus helpful for creating a DOS boot USB.

Thanks a lot, but I don’t know if I can handle it.
Does everything a little difficult :slight_smile:
I’ll try to follow the instructions.
If I can’t do it on my own, could someone send me a finished bios file?

It’s too hard for me, I’m afraid I don’t have that much knowledge.

Would be very nice if someone could take the trouble and send me the finished file please


@Thors :
Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!

Your problem is not the creation of a modded BIOS, but the procedure about how to get the modded BIOS properly flashed. So your chosen thread title is misleading.
We are offering guides about how to modify an AMI UEFI BIOS and specific advices about how to flash the modded BIOS into the BIOS chip of the user’s system, but we cannot flash the BIOS for you. This has to be done by yourself.
By the way: Flashing a modded BIOS is risky and should only be done by a user, who knows what he is doing and what may happen.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Okay, no problem and thanks for the help!