[HELP] DELL Poweredge R720xd BIOS bricked.

Hello, good to everyone. First of all, excuse my English, I’m from Argentina and I’m using a translator.

I have a problem with a DELL powerge R720xd server. The server does not boot. gets stuck on configuring memories. I am using the minimum configuration, 1 single processor, 1 single ram module in slot A1 and 1 single power supply.
I was looking at various solutions and it seems that I have a damaged BIOS.

then I found a post in this same forum which explained how to do something similar in a dell R710

The first thing I did was buy the CH341A BIOS programmer with its 8pin clamp.

the second thing i did was download the bios .exe from dell official site. 2.9.0 BIOS

once i downloaded the .exe i opened it using the 7zip program. enter the payloads folder and find the BIOS .hdr file

Now, as I understand it, I need to convert that .hdr file to a .bin file to be able to run the flash from the programmer. using the assprogrammer program. The problem is that I can’t find any information on how I can convert the HDR to a .Bin and I need help.

[Help] Dell PowerEdge R710 Gen II Mainboard BIOS Bricked after Power Outage while Updating

EDIT: So by that question means that you event tried to read the bad dump from the SPI on the motherboard? And that means that you dont know what your doing…


yes, it is precisely the post that I read but I do not understand how to convert the HDR in .Bin correctly. I also don’t know what should be the original size of the bios, 4mb or 8mb?

I can’t find the chip on the motherboard to perform the process. I only found the U_IDRAC_SPI but I can’t find the U_BIOS_SPI chip I searched all over the motherboard for hours and disassembled everything, I can’t locate it. can anybody help me?