[Help] Flashed stock Bios on Aero 15, now it won't post

Hi, I’m new here, I’m having a problem with my new laptop :frowning:

The official control center app that comes with the Notebook downloaded a new bios to install but it kept just restarting the computer and doing nothing, so I downloaded the file myself and it comes with AFUWIN64.

I made a backup of the current bios and then proceed to execute AFUWIN64 newbios.rom, the stock one, without any params. Everything went ok and finished.

After restart the computer is in a black screen, the fans and keyboard lights are working, but nothing happens.

I’ve tried disconnecting the battery and CMOS battery with no luck.

Is there a way to know what’s happening or maybe recover?

Removing the battery for 30 seconds would be your best bet, this will reset the embedded controller and hopefully get your system starting again.

If that doesn’t do it, you can try removing the CMOS battery in addition to the main battery. That will reset the BIOS settings to defaults and may get the system to start.

If neither of those work, you will need to either remove the BIOS chip for a manual flash using a bus pirate or a Raspberry Pi configured to do SPI flashing, or send the machine in for repairs.

You may need to purchase CH341A + SOIC8 test clip with cable, cost is less than $7 shipped if you order slow/cheap from China.
Does anything come on screen if you use external monitor?

Which exact Aero 15 is this? There is more than one (actually many) Aero 15 models, maybe you flashed in the wrong BIOS?

The stock updater also flashes EC FW too, which means not doing that may leave older EC FW there and it may not work with current BIOS, so this could be the issue
Stock BIOS flags used with AFU for this package >> /P /N /B /R /Q /capsule

Thanks, I’ve tried all that with no luck.

Thanks! I’ve already ordered the CH341A, because I couldn’t do anything with it and it’s brand new. The model is Aero 15 OLED SA. I’ve tried the HDMI output but there’s no signal either. Now I only need to learn how to use the CH341A, I need to use the original .rom file to flash it right?


Hi again, I have the CH341A, I made a backup of the current BIOS and then erased and flashed the last bios on the support page. It went ok but it didn’t work, but it appears to have changed something because it restarted like doing something and now I can turn it off with the button, still no image. Can you point me in the right direction? :confused:

I keep getting the "The chip main contents are in disagreement"

Update: Thanks everyone, I could update to the old firmware and make it boot, then I used the AFUWIN correctly as indicated and flashed the new bios and it’s all working! :smiley: The only program that worked good was the Ch341Programmer.exe. Is there anything I need to check if there’s everything ok? Or something corrupted?

@SebasNights - no, slow down now before you loose board specific details. You also need SOIC8 test clip with cable.
Once you get those, you dump BIOS and send to me, I will edit and send back to you. Do not try to flash stock BIOS in any way with programmer, nor erase your chip or use auto function of CH341A software until it’s time.
Ohh, too late now, I see your second post . Please send me your backup you created, hopefully it’s valid, or all will be lost (Serial, UUID, LAN MAC ID).

As for what version software works best for your system, I’d need to know the BIOS chip ID first before I could advise anything.
Here is many versions and main driver - http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…257455007472602

Hi, I’m sending you the original factory backup and my current backup. The chip is MX25L12873F.


Please upload your originally dumped BIOS too, from before post #1, or is this the one you meant when you mentioned "original factory backup" above?
And, if not included, also upload your dumped BIOS you made before you wrote anything with the programmer.

Do you want unlocked BIOS menus too, or just fix your board specific info?

* Edit - The above linked files are BIOS region only (ie software dumps), nothing there is a programmer dumped BIOS.
I can use these to get your NVRAM/Board specific info from, but need programmer dump to fix you a fully rebuilt BIOS.
I need your programmer dumped BIOS of your initial backup with the programmer and then your now running BIOS dumped with programmer too.

The original backup was with AFUWIN. Unlocked if it doesn’t cause any problem.

Here is the programmer dump before any flash backup (corrupted) and 2 upgrades from gigabyte: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…195418011051740

I don’t have the current dump with programmer, I’ve already closed everything. I flashed P75VAFB05.rom with programmer to make it work and then used AFUWIN to run P75VAFB07.rom

Yes, I assumed the original backup from post #1 was with AFU, you explained that in first post. No, unlocked BIOS menu doesn’t cause any issues, I’ve done SA and XA for users here already.
I do not need two upgrades from Gigabyte, please upload your programmer dumped BIOS of your initial backup with the programmer (ie bricked BIOS) and then your now running BIOS dumped with programmer too. Just those two files by themselves.
If you want this fixed properly, you have to open it up anyway, so you’ll need to open it up and dump current BIOS, then leave it open or at least leave most of the screws out of the bottom until I get back to you with fixed BIOS.

Hi again, and thanks for the help.

I’m sending the bricked bios and 2 current bios dumps with different programmers, because the common one always fails the verification, but the second one is verifies ok. Also, I could only flash correctly with the second program.

CH341A Programm v1.34: this always fails to verify dumps or flashes, seems to read ok.
CH341 Programmer v1.1.1.32: this always works, and verifies ok, and I did the working flash with this one, but it detects a similar chip, not the exact number of mine.


@SebasNights - What does 1.30 do, did you try that version (ignore any access violation errors)? What is your actual chip ID’s?

Can you please also dump EC FW chip so I can help another user here once he gets programmer, thanks!

Also, please upload this CH341 Programmer v1.1.1.32 software so I can look at it, and add to my collection I send out if it’s different than all I already have, thanks.

I ran out of time right now, but will get on these BIOS for you tonight, posted this update for you now so you’d know I read your reply and am working on this as time permits.


* Edit - @SebasNights - Here is fixed BIOS + Unlock BIOS Menu (Swapped Main, Advanced, Chipset, Save & Exit, enable both boot menus)

Thanks, I will test it later. So, you could restore all the ID’s? It will lock in future updates?

Every other version below 1.34 doesn’t have my chip model that is MX25L12873F, if they detect another model I have the same results anyway.

Here’s the other programmer, that detects something like MX25L12805: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…266041028473672

@SebasNights - Sorry, I forgot about one area, thanks for reminder it made me double-check and found one I missed!
Here is new one, please toss out the other - http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…907115613585739

Thanks for the software too. For MX25L128, in the past we found best to use 1.31Free/1.4 or ASProgrammer in the past, maybe this version you uploaded is same as 1.31Free/1.4, I’ll compare and see (Nope, this is totally different version, thanks, I will add this to my standard package)