help ! laptop broken and no power, so pch chip (sr2c4) changed and turn on repaired but after 30 minutes shutdown

laptop mainboard broken and no power , so replacement pch chip and after 30 minutes shutdown . so original bios rom writing but same
i tried me firmware wirted intel by intel csme tool but error occured

laptop cpu 6th , i found from win-raid forum this issue . i checked me version and try fixed but error 8743 - unknown or unsupported platform
so how to forced install intel me my new pch chip (sr2c4) hm170


Dump BIOS with Flash programmer, find ME version, update and clean it using ME Cleanup guide, then program back to chip
[Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization

If you need ME FW update/clean done by me, I can do, but you have to dump chip with flash programmer like CH341A + SOIC8 test clip cable, then send me that file.
Since you replaced PCH chip, I assume you also already have a flash programmer on hand, if not you will need to order one

hi~ this bios file is dump bios bin file after 30 min and shutdown.


after 30 min shut bios .zip (4.17 MB)

@zcom - Here is BIOS with updated cleaned ME FW. - 2015>> Update to >> - 2019
Put on with programmer >> Erase, blank check, then write/verify
- Paused for below

Wait! Please run MEInfoWin.exe -verbose
From the ME System Tools package V11, show me image of end of report. System Tools package is here in section ā€œCā€ you want V11 r27 - Intel Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware & System Tools
MEInfo exe is inside MEINfo folder

If you purchased PCH with boot guard key burned at FPF then you will need new one with clean (no key burned in) at FPF
If you do have clean FPF then I can disable/remove this from the ME FW, but if key burned into PCH then it must match key programmed by manufacturer, which you can only get if you take PCH from same exact model

sorry too late reply

cpature and attah file


@zcom - Missing the info we are looking for there. Do again from DOS, and use this command, then show me end of report >> MEInfo.exe -verbose
Or, install proper ME drivers in windows, and do again with windows version >> MEInfoWin.exe -verbose

Have you issued a -greset yet, or removed all power from the system (battery, PSU, CMOS battery + Press and hold power on button for 10 seconds or so) for 1+ minute to reset ME State?
greset is dene with FPTw.exe from the flash programming tools folder, run cmd from there as Admin, then >> FPTw.exe -greset
or, copy all files from DOS folder of Flash programming tools, to bootable USB, then from DOS >> FPT.exe -greset
If either fail, then do the full power remove.

This probably wont help, but worth trying I suppose. 30 minute reset is usually due to Boot Guard, once we confirm your FPF status from end of the report I wanted to see, then I can remove that from ME FW for you, if you installed a clean PCH

i found this site , finally skylake pch chip firmware , i need flash tool or modified me .
intel offer branch pch chip each other

Need to see end of report from >> MEInfo - verbose
Disabling ME would not help here, and is not part of the problem or solution. Please run MEInfo again as I descrbied in post #6, show me end of report.