Help microcode update for Aspire-531P Acer BIOS v1.22 :

Regarding the unlocking of BIOS menus, I wanted to mention the activation setting of the Intel Virtualization technology, I also confirm that it is enabled, but it is not visible at all in the BIOS or even grayed out.
Knowing the status of features from the BIOS menu would be great, being able to change the status of the most important ones even better .

Thank you @Lost_N_BIOS for the clarification regarding the S3 sleep mode and error 28, because indeed my interpretation was not subtle enough , now I understood .

The last of your scheduled BIOSes was number 7. 14.bin (1+4) **** on the list
I tested S3 and then typed FPTw.exe -f 218FPT.BIN

I confirm that Error 28 no longer appears., instead I get the following error:

Error 103: There are not supported SPI flash devices installed. Please check…

I then programmed the BIOS VA410218viaFPT.BIN with the same procedure and again I omit error 103 : Is it useful for me to test all BIOS x7 pack ( 7. 14.bin (1+4) since already done ) anyway

Let’s put aside the deactivation and deletion of ME for now and focus on the things that really work for the final(s) BIOS.

@Kjose - sorry for delayed reply here, I had this tab open but thought I was waiting on your reply until I refreshed again tonight

So, you tested all BIOS 1-6 and no change, then #7 you get error 103?

I don’t know what you programmed via FPT when you said this >> “BIOS VA410218 viaFPT.BIN” But you shouldn’t be doing any stock BIOS flashing with FPT, if that is a stock BIOS.

For error 103, sounds like the fparts.txt file does not include your actual BIOS chip ID. Please run this command and show me image of the output >> FPTw.exe -I
Then tell me what ME System Tools package and version you are using FPT from.

S3 sleep bug has nothing to do with any of the BIOS I send you, this is something you test in general once to see if your BIOS has this bug or not. If it does not, then that is all.
If your BIOS had this bug, you would resume from S3 and be able to FPT flash without any errors, on the stock BIOS even, due to a security bug. Since you’ve never been able to do this, all done there, your BIOS does not have this bug, forget about it now

@Lost_N_BIOS No worries about the delay and thank you again

In order to follow up :

“FPTw -I” is concluded with “FPT Operation Passed” and I use Flash Programming Tool. Version: from Intel ME System Tools v8 r3.

I confirm error 103 with all the BIOS 1-7 & VA412018viaFPT.bin which as a reminder and from the 2.11 FD unlocked + the update 2.18 is unloaded with fpt -d FileName.bin

I that VA412018viaFPT.bin is a good and correct basis to update IME clean/secure and microcodes for a version via external programmer, what do you say ?

@Kjose - FPTw.exe -I should show you “information” that is what the -I flag is, I wanted to see this information (ie show me an image) before I can reply further about the 103 error.

I am now lost, on everything! I do not understand what this file is >> VA412018viaFPT.bin
And NOW, it’s VERY unclear your testing results from above about 1-7 BIOS I made you for testing (here, you contradict what you said above at #21, or that info is not clear)
BIOS 1-7 have a specific goal in mind, and that is the only goal (passing error 28), and we stop testing at whatever BIOS reaches our goal and then you let me know what # BIOS that was (Goal was to get past error 28 only)
Now, please clarify for me which BIOS of 1-7 FIRST did not show you error 28?

@Lost_N_BIOS That the attached image sums it all up

notes :

- 218.bin (aka VA412018viaFPT.bin) is the dump previously done with ftp -d FileName.bin and the result is the same with all BIOS from 1 to 7: after S3 there are no more errors 28, only error 103 persists .

-I am obliged to perform S3 otherwise error 28 remains regardless of the BIOS (218.bin and the series from 1 to 7).

Now, I guess this error 103 is now the cause that does not allow flash… why ? I don’t know .


So, with BIOS #1, error 28 is gone? If yes, then that is only BIOS that ever needed to be tested, I mentioned this when I gave you those BIOS, stop once error 28 is gone.
S3 is not required for anything, I mentioned that as a simple thing for you to test once, to see if your BIOS has this bug, it does not, forget about this now.

Ohh, so confusing! Mainly because you are not following my directions, doing stuff I didn’t mention to do, then mixing those results in with results I’m waiting to hear from BIOS tests I send you.
VERY confusing

SO… It does look like your BIOS has the S3 bug, not sure why you didn’t tell me this when I first asked you to test it!
There is no need for you to test any 1-7 BIOS, or for me to mod and make those, your BIOS has S3 bug

Does the folder you are running FPT from contain fparts.txt? If yes, OK/Good.
Replace that fparts.txt with this one and try again using any BIOS after S3 resume after one minute -

@Lost_N_BIOS Now we know that this S3 bug is unavoidable

The folder in which I execute FTPw contains well fparts.txt , I replaced the file with yours and (after S3 resume after one minute) unfortunately the result returns an error 103 .

S3 bug is a good thing, what do you mean unavoidable? Without it, you’d be out of luck and have to get a flash programmer.
Please wait, let me ask plutomaniac to check that fparts.txt for you, it should be working now since I’ve covered all bases for your chip ID, but maybe I missed something.

Plutomaniac Can you please look at the image in post #25 for BIOS Chip ID, and then check fparts.txt I made at post #26.
I added a few entries to V8 R3 fparts.txt from V9.1 R7, to cover all similar chips, but still getting FPT error 103

Yes, it is inevitable to go into S3 sleep mode and that is good.

However, I wonder if it is possible to flash internally without first putting S3 into standby I think so because otherwise the FPTw tool has no purpose or what you call the S3 Bug is actually not a bug but a way (official and undocumented, which could have been another one) to switch the state of write flash permission.

Well, this is all speculation on my part

If it works once then it should always work. It doesn’t make sense to need a different fparts after sleep state or similar. Thus not related to fpt or fparts.

Process step by step to avoid any ambiguity :

-I overwrite original fparts.txt by fparts.txt (from @Lost_N_BIOS ) in the FPT file.
-S3 sleep mode (1 minute)
-I type Fptw -f 218.bin
-Result = error 103

For my the result is the same with old or modified fparts.txt.

If it helps, the SPI is detected as a W25Q64BV but if we physically inspect it externally it’s written down W25Q64CV more recent…

plutomaniac It didn’t work before S3 on this BIOS, due to PRR error, so nothing was flashed. But yes, I do get what you mean though
Error is obviously fparts related, so I wonder why it’s only presented once S3 sleep bug bypasses the PRR lock? This is why I thought maybe needs an edit I missed.
I will have him dump FD, BIOS to confirm if it’s even possible to read from the chip or not now. I’m not sure if he’s sent me a FPT dump in this thread, since BIOS change over yet or not, so that’s another reason I say that above "Didn’t work before"

And, I have issues with some software and W25Q64BV/FV, and this is that, so could be similar (I have to choose FV when BV and BV when FV), and now he says actual is CV which is not in fparts I don’t think

@Kjose - please send me the following files, or show me any errors created. Reboot system and do this from fresh into windows, NO S3 sleep here!
FPTw.exe -desc -d fd.bin
FPTw.exe -bios -d biosreg.bin

Order flash programmer already + SOIC8 test clip cable, so we can wrap this up and stop fighting it

* Please wait, I’m making you new fparts now with CV in it too, if you’re reading this now
Never mind, I see it’s in the one I sent you

@Lost_N_BIOS Here the files were generated from :

FPTw.exe -desc -d fd.bin
FPTw.exe -bios -d biosreg.bin

And no errors during the process.

As you know, I already have flash programmer already + SOIC8 test clip cable, I’m ready for operations

Here the BIOS v2.18 extracted under DOS with FPT.exe -d 218.bin, it is with him that we can move on to the next steps with the external programmer.

Sorry @Kjose - I forgot you already have programmer
So where are we then, and why are you trying to use/fighting with FPT if you have programmer?

@Lost_N_BIOS I’m trying to use FPT to learn by exploring the possibilities, FPT is not widely used but I understand better now.

To return to the final objective, here is :

In its latest version 2.18
Including microcodes updates.
Including the latest ME Blog and clean it

-By external programming solely from now on-

If you still agree to do it ? Your final version will serve as an example for me to use Flash Image Tool perfectly !

Sorry, I forgot where we was, what we was doing, and why etc. So many similar thread here, and then you mentioned programmer while we fight FPT, so it didn’t make sense to me.
So yes, I know what you mean and where we was now, and yes, I’d like to figure out the FPT issue too! It may just be we need to remove these locks in mod BIOS, put on with programmer, then you can FPT - which I did at post #18
However, those BIOS should not have all produced same result, so something is amiss here, but I have no clue what that may be?

Please confirm, for the BIOS above #35 - you want updated microcodes and latest ME FW? If yes, I can make that for you, but as we already know you must put it on with flash programmer

Error 103 locks the flash programming and for the moment there is no known solution, searches are necessary to find the cause .

@Lost_N_BIOS Yes, that’s right if you still agree .

This is not a lock, that error means a failure of FPT to detect your flash rom for some reason, normally this is due to your ID is not in the fparts list, but it is here, that’s why I asked plutomaniac to check this out.
I’ll make that BIOS then, shortly - Will edit it into this post once I’m done, in case you are reading this now.

* Edit - @Kjose - here is updated BIOS for you…968962312033569

Thank you again @Lost_N_Bios,

I’m exploring the blobs of this bios and I have some questions :

With Flash Image Tool by any chance know why there is a MAC address and an IP address in the section ME Region->Configuration->ME Debug Event Service

The Intel document does not explain anything about this, but I suppose you can connect to a debugging interface, if so do you know how

Beyond that, is it useful to delete MAC/Ip data to further secure the system ?

In FIT do you know what the utility of ME Region->Configuration->ICC Data is? and when they are initialized and used during the boot ?

because there are systems that work perfectly without all this blob then I would like to understand if this thing is a system resource eater or another thing…

@Kjose - sorry I missed your post here until now

Yes, that is for Debug/Intel use, and or other uses you can setup such as Anti-theft and some other things I think.

You’d have to ask plutomaniac about removing that, if it would be helpful etc.

ICC (Integrated Clock Controller) data is used for overclocking/setting system allowed/denied limits and other system clock speeds
Some systems use this, others have it disabled, a ME FW edit + BIOS edit can enable or disable, or edit all that.