Help to get a Clean Dumped Intel Engine for a DFi SD106-Q170 iTX board

First of all sorry for my bad english…
Let me try to explain:
I try to make a Clean Dumped Intel Engine for a DFI SD106-Q170 iTX board because on a second unit Intel ME not working.
The BiOS shows “unknown” Intel ME. The DFI SD106-Q170 is a embedded iTX board with a iNTEL C236 Chipset, insyde BiOS and on my first unit a I7-7700 processor on it.
My first unit works very well so i try to make a SPi & ME dump. Successfully!

Here are the dumps

Then I rename the file from the “Intel CSME 11.8 Firmware Repository Pack r9” as ME Region.bin and try to make a build with “Intel CSME System Tools v11 r14”.
First a warning appears …

… an then I get errors regarding NvarActions.

Any suggestions for me?

The warning is normal, it is just a verification prompt at which you click Yes. As for the error, you have the same problem as discussed recently here. Basically the ME File System (MFS), which holds the firmware configuration, is corrupted. If you have a 2nd identical system, then dump its healthy firmware and follow the CleanUp Guide on that. Then extract its CSME region via UEFITool and replace it at the first unhealthy system’s SPI image to flash it back. Alternatively, you can flash the extracted CSME region from the CleanUp Guide’s output SPI image directly using Flash Programming Tool (“fptw -rewrite -me me_fix.bin” followed by “fptw -greset”).

That’s the problem, I “dumped” on the healthy system (spi.bin & me.bin)…

You mean something like this: [Guide] How to extract/insert/replace EFI BIOS modules by using the UEFITool

Will try this later today. It’s just turned 3 o’clock…

Well it’s obviously not healthy. Just follow the CleanUp Guide on your system’s dump and you won’t see any error if you follow it correctly.