Help to make work properly a GTX 980 for laptop on windows XP 32 bit

I have a problem with this graphic card on Windows XP 32 bit. It is a Clevo laptop where I got installed Windows XP thanks to the following:
- Modified acpi.sys
- Amd usb modified for intel.
- Realtek sound card which works OK.
- Nvidia card which works "OK".
I quoted OK because the modified driver for XP (Latest version is 368.81) installs fine but the screen flickers with horizontal lines. My display has G-Sync. It may related with this?
Thanks and I hope to solve this soon.


try increasing your refresh rate?

Tried that but only I can select 60Hz. The display is 75Hz.


try using nvidia control panel to make a custom resolution setting with a 75hz refresh rate and see if that works for you.

I cannot do that. The option is grayed out. I attached 3 images that defines the situation. My display is recognised with a connector with S-Video and I don’t know why (driver issue?), and don’t allow to use custom resolutions. On windows 10 this work properly.
The first attachment is the control panel on windows XP.
The second one is the list of resolutions and refresh rate (only I can select 60 Hz).
And the third is the control panel on Windows 10. Always the same PC.

I use the spanish version of Windows, so the screenshots are in spanish.




Try using oldest possible driver (.inf mod it yourself).


maybe if you have an intel igpu in the laptop install the drivers for that too.

Optimus (dual graphics intelXnvidia) solution if i recall correctly doesn’t support XP. I assume OP set in the BIOS to use the dedicated card only for display.

My laptop does not support optimus. The display is connected directly to the nvidia card.

@ap7cesar What are the hardware identificators of the card? Let’s see if we’re able to located drivers specifically for the card model in XP.


You used this guide, yes?:…980-ti-titan-x/
That guide doesn’t acknowledge the mobile cards, although the 368.81 packages include the drivers and inf manifests for mobile cards, including one .inf file specifically made for graphics cards destined to Clevo laptops, and since you edited the generic nv4_dispi.inf file using a different section that wasn’t destined for the specific clevo cards, only generic ones. Thus shit like this happened.
You will have to clean uninstall the driver normally and via Display Driver Uninstaller. I think I have a lead on this one. Let me know if you’re interested in further steps.

Ok. I’ll try that. And what inf modification will need?

You will have to modify the nvcvi.inf file, which contains information about the installation of the nvidia graphics cards for clevo laptops (according to this guide…nf-mod/post.php)
There’s already a line containing one of the GTX 965M cards that have the same subsystem ID in the device identificator as yours, so one has to do relevant stuff and set the section to the one of that card’s and add relevant string names and voila.
You don’t have to modify it by yourself, I’ll make the inf mod and attach it for you. Fingers crossed it will work!

What you should do:
* uninstall the driver and clean the leftovers with Display Driver Uninstaller
* delete the unpacked driver folder of previous failed attempt and extract it once again with say 7-zip (extract to folder)
* replace the nvcvi.inf file in Display.Driver folder with my mod
* install the driver with setup & hope that things will change to better.

@ap7cesar Just uploaded a inf mod. Please try it.

Finally I got it working. I had installed the 344.11 and added the two lines. One is the hardware id and other are the strings. The display was recognised correctly with this drivers and I was able to create a custom resolution with the proper refresh rate.

I upgraded to 355.82 and all OK with the same procedure. I don’t know if this should be asked here but I cannot execute 16 bit apps on XPx86. Crashes the ntvdm.exe. It maybe related with the CPU?

As a workaround you might use otya’s winevdm

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