HELP : Windows 10 Upgrade makes Raid 0 drives incompatible


I am using below Specs.
MB : P5B Deluxe Wifi AP (Intel MSM RAID ROM v6.1.0.1002)
RAID chipset :Intel ICH8R
BIOS : ASUS 1238
HDD : Seagate 2TB * 3 in RAID 0 with 2 volumes of 2TB.

Problem :

Whenever I upgrade my Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit to Windows 10 Pro 64bit through windows update. After installing 20% on reboot shows RAID disks as "incompatible" and I am not able to boot.

Trouble shooting Steps done :

I booted with Ubuntu and through software RAID able to see 1st volume and the data there but second volume is inaccessible.

Started from scratch, recreated 1st RAID volume size to 1680GB and second Volume as 2046 and used 2 HDD in RAID 0 instead of 3 HDD same problem as before when upgrading to Windows 10.

Please help as this is 3rd time I am reinstalling windows and want to upgrade to windows 10

UPDATE : Tried updating Bios from the file provided on this site and ASUS update said failed and not allowing me to reload BIOS again. Giving error not a ASUS MB. I have not restarted the System, still in the Windows. Please help to recover the BIOS.

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I suspect, that the Win10 in-box Intel RST RAID driver v13.2.0.1022 doesn’t work with your RAID0 array, which has been created and obviously still is managed by the Intel MSM RAID ROM v6.1.0.1002.
AFAIK you should be able to solve the problem by updating the Intel MSM RAID ROM version of your mainboard BIOS to a better suitable Intel RST RAID ROM version (minimum: v10.1.0.1008, optimal: v11.2.0.1527). Since other users of a ASUS P5B succeeded with the update (look >here<, the update should work for your system as well (at least to v10.1.0.1008). Additionally it may be a good idea to replace the in-box Intel RAID driver of the used Win10 image by a better matching version like v11.2.0.1006 according to >this< guide.

Which site do you mean? What kind of BIOS file did you try to flash and where did you get it?

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Which site do you mean? What kind of BIOS file did you try to flash and where did you get it?

BIOS was shared on this in one of your old thread and was refer too in this forum.
Also the link shared is for adding a Different version of RST in the image, which will not work in my case as Windows 10 Upgrade does not give me any option of changing image.
Also would be really thankful if you can share the modded Bios to update my MSM RAID ROM.

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That modded BIOS had been designed for the ASUS P5B Deluxe, but not for the P5B Deluxe Wifi AP.

You will be able to customize the Win10 image, if you download the Win10 ISO file directly from Microsoft by using the Media Creation tool (look >here<). After having downloaded the complete ISO file you can customize it and then starting the upgrade by running the Setup.exe of the customized Win10 image.

I am sorry, but I do not modify any BIOS upon request. Please have a look into >this< guide and do it yourself. The work is much easier than you may think.

Really thanks for the link and advice, but the issue is my system is down now and BIOS is corrupt. It was going for recovery of BIOS, the BIOS file i have is not working properly and i am not able to setup RAID with it. Still troubleshooting it.

If you can just make a exception this time and give me a working BIOS which is compatible with windows 8, i would buy and load Windows 8 directly. (FYI, writing this from my mobile right now)

Thanks in advance.

What lets you think, that you will be able to recover a working BIOS by flashing a modded version?
The first step should be to try flashing the latest original BIOS, which has been designed by ASUS for your special mainboard model.
Once you are able to recover your formerly used system you can try to flash a modded BIOS version.
If you should not be able to recover a working original ASUS BIOS, you should either ask ASUS for a new BIOS Chip for your mainboard or try to repair the corrupted BIOS yourself by following >this< guide.

The BIOS i have is the original disk that came with MB and is 0306, which is having issue with my 2TB HDD and RAID. I would download the latest file from ASUS tomorow in office. Just too tired right now, working on it for last 18hrs non-stop.

Your guides are really comprehensive and good, will use that to create my own bios. Thanks for all the help and information.