How to extract serial, MAC-address and MSDM-key from bios-dump?


i have a bricked laptop, wrong bios was manually installed.
Now i want to recover the original bios, but i have only a spi-dump of the corrupted bios. It’s an AMI Aptio 4-based bios from Sony Vaio.

I found only update-file from Sony for latest bios:…P0000321606.exe
But how to transfer serial number, MSDM-key, UUID and s.o. to the new bios?


Add a copy of your backup and someone can check to see if that info can be easily found, need both dump and the original to compare stock w/ backup and try to find (via hex)

Then probably exchange out backup modules where found, with EUFITool. I can see a few MSDM locations via search in UEFITool, probably switch out entire OEM activation module for that part.
Serial, UUID, and MAC may be harder to locate so Hex and cross-checking will be needed, unless someone else knows quicker method. What is s.o. that you mentioned?
Any stickers on the motherboard or inside the case may be helpful too


this is the rom-dump:

I still tried some searching in the file, but i couldn’t find any which looks like serial or MDSM-key…


Thanks! Hopefully you verified this backup before reflashing the chip, correct? It looks OK, I think no problems!

I will check for the info now and get back to you. Do you have the system back up and running now?

If yes, can you send two reports from this tool RWEverything =
Open RWEverything and save reports for the following:
1. Click ACPI button (Image) on top, then click save ALL and put file in reports folder somewhere for this so you can upload here.
2. Click SM BIOS button (Image) and save to folder

I maybe found MAC and MSDM but not 100% sure without more info from above reports.

UUID info is often written on a stick on the memory slots, you may need to check both sides of the motherboard in case there is memory slots on both sides.
What brand is your network adapter, check in device manager, thanks! I will help me find MAC if above RWEeverything does not show location I need to see

Once we find all this I can make you corrected BIOS to flash to put it all back in there properly


this is the rom-dump from the bricked machine. It isn’t working anymore because it was flashed with wrong bios. I have no working backup yet. :wink:

OK, I assumed you possibly already reflashed with stock BIOS and wanted this info in order to correct everything. You can do that now, then fix everything later, if you already have flash programmer.
It will be easier for me, thus quicker for you, to get the board running before we work on correcting these things.

Unless someone else can help better via the SPI dump, I need the reports from above to verify my findings or I can’t be sure I am giving you the right data.
You said “Wrong BIOS” flashed caused this, and it’s corrupted, the dump doesn’t look corrupted to me (but it could be so not saying it’s not). What actually happened that bricked the board (all steps please)?
I ask because if corrupted, or wrong board BIOS etc, I may be looking in wrong places, or dig out wrong values etc. And this is another reason to get the board up and running first, especially for the MSDM key

Did you already order a CH341A flash programmer?

Ok. My goal is to unbrick the pc, i found the right bios for this model. Problem is: Its a file for updating, not usable for spi, so there is some information (ME, serial, key,…) missing or empty. So i/we/someone has to transfer the model-specific settings to a spi-flashable file.

No, because of missing data. I want to avoid repeating soldering/unsoldering.

It was the wrong biosfile, it is for another model. Sony Vaio has a horrible system for model-numbers…

No, i have it - and used it for this dump.


Here, this BIOS has ME and everything needed to program properly and boot PC. Serials, MAC etc will need to be put in another copy of this same BIOS later, and reflashed orr programmed in again later.
But this will make the PC work by programming to flash rom.

Thanks for the explanation. The BIOS I linked here is the one you linked above, so if that is the correct model, then you’re good to program this BIOS.
Then it will run and you will be able to get those reports I asked about so I can try to put everything back in another copy of this BIOS for you to flash or reprogram one more final time.

Get one of these soon as you can to use with your programmer, so next time no desoldering needed usually (Sometimes doesn’t work on all boards, but not all the time this is the case)

@Ludolf : Once you read out your BIOS-Chip with a SPI-Programmer (CH341A or Selfmade Raspberry Pi programmer using FLASHROM tool), it may be possible to read out your Windows Product Key. I found out, that the Licensing Information is stored in a Padding-Region of the BIOS Part. If that region wasn´t corrupted by programming the wrong bios, there is a chance to find your key and restore that.

I don´t know, whether windows keys are stored in a padding region for each bios, but there is a chance…


the machine is running now: I got a dump of a similar laptop, added ME manually and cleaned ME. Flashed image with SPI-programmer on flashrom and soldered it on mobo.

Problem now:
-different model no.
-different serial
-different service tag
-different UUID
-different MSDM-key

MAC-adress is stored on the WLAN-card, it is the only network adapter in this machine (Ultrabook).

I have absolutely no idea where this information is stored, it is definitively in bios-region; i found the MSDM-key stored in padding-region as user "reactive" expected. But this was the only information i found out.

I linked you to the proper BIOS above in post #8 to program in, why did you still use a “Similar” model dump to program instead? Well, can you now send the RW reports I asked about initially?

It will be wrong data of course, but it might help me find and confirm the info from the earlier backups you sent, but I can’t make any promises the info will be in those backups since they are taken after the incorrect BIOS was flashed in too.

You may find some of the info on the motherboard itself, on stickers on either side of the board, but you might have to take the system apart. If you still have the box it came in there should be some usable info there too.

Can anyone tell me how to replace the existing windows key with the original?

@toniu-massa -…-key-windows-10

Windows 8 laptop does not have windows key ticket

@toniu-massa - I don’t understand what you mean? Did you mean just not same for Win10 as Win8, if yes, sorry about that I assumed they’d be the same
Maybe this will help -…r-in-windows-se
Or this -…-1-product-key/

The key of Windows 8 is stored in bios and has no label informing this key as it was done by the OEMs in Windows 7. I wanted to extract the original key stored in the corrupted bios and insert it into a bios dump found on the web.

The copies of bios found on the web usually have the windows key stored in them. I want to replace this key with the original key of the corrupted bios.

It seems that some bios has the encrypted Windows key and others do not. Those that are not encrypted I can solve. But the problem is in encrypted keys.


@toniu-massa - See NoelDP reply here, since this was Win7 originally, only SLP key would be in BIOS (SLIC) so it can’t be used how you are thinking (Then see post right above his for your only ways to get activated)…t-key-bios.html

If I misunderstood you and system was always windows 8, then Replace entire modules in BIOS, Kek-db, and be sure to check if copies in NVRAM and or any other padding files. Upload both files if you need this done for you.
Otherwise you can get Win8-10 key in windows (From the BIOS source) via RWEeverything…t-key-from-bios

Yes, Windows 8 OEM

I do not understand what you mean by: "Replace entire modules in BIOS, Kek-db, and be sure to check if copies in NVRAM and or any other padding files"


@toniu-massa - Sorry, I assumed you knew about modifying BIOS by the way you mentioned some things. Please zip for me BIOS dump source, and stock BIOS you want this done in and I can make BIOS for you.

i have a bricked laptop
Now i want to recover the original bios
How to transfer MSDM-key to the new bios?