How to flash this dumped bios region?…rc1432PnT1nn2ik


@castillofr - See this guide - Setup_var/Grub guide
[GUIDE] Grub Fix Intel FPT Error 280 or 368 - BIOS Lock Asus/Other Mod BIOS Flash
Alt boot to grub when no boot to EFI on exit page - [Help needed] Hidden Advanced menu Bios HP Z1 J52_0274.BIN (2)

Or you can also use >> RU method to unlock BIOS Lock is here, Go to section 2.2 and make bootable USB with RU program, then read 2.3-2.5…-issues.812372/

Without you adding the model, and or a link to the stock BIOS download page, I don’t want to download your BIOS above and then have no name to put it in a proper folder.
So for now, you will need to gather all info from first link above, otherwise if you give me proper details for this thread, then I can give you all the info you need and you’ll only start at step #6 of the guide and or use RU method instead.

Here is the stock bios:

My model is 084A6.bin (the softpaq includes other similar models).
I am using the same (flashed after installing this latest softpaq).

Here is the vars:…118605132353530

Can I flash microcode region with mc.bin (102Kb)? How to get the hex address of it? …

What is MC.Bin?? If it’s part of the package, then you already flashed it in during normal BIOS update (I’ve not looked at the package yet)

Now, you edited everything out from the first post!? Why, now I have to do several clicks just to read what you originally wanted?? So now, this thread, and my first reply, makes no sense
Can I restore your original post, or is there some reason you removed it?

OK, now to carry on with your post above. That link to the download page is 404, due to broken/invalid link above.
Please give me this systems full exact model name so I can put all this into a proper folder, then I can start to help (with whatever it was you asked, that’s now removed?! )
Vars download is a broken link too

This makes no sense >> My model is 084A6.bin (the softpaq includes other similar models). << I get that
I am using the same (flashed after installing this latest softpaq). << here, I get you are using 084A6.bin from above, flashed via exe flash, what do you mean you flashed what/same, after softpaq??
It’s all same/same, you run exe, BIOS is updated, end. You’re post is confusing, but maybe just language or translation issues?

mc.bin is what I found in
for my cpu id.

Sorry for the links. Here you go:…ook-pc/24381316

I have the latest stock bios F.33 (084A6.bin)…118605132353530

@castillofr - Then no, MC.bin is not for you That is just place where you can grab all microcodes individually, for when you know how to mod and flash BIOS, and none would be named MC.Bin, nor can any of them be “flashed”, you have to edit them into BIOS (properly) and then flash that.
I need your dumped vars, thanks. You can bypass 368 this way, I will mod it for you, then you flash back, then you can FPT flash BIOS if it’s not also locked by FPRR within a BIOS Module itself and not FPRR/BIOS Lock “settings” only.
If you sent me your current FPT dumped BIOS region, I can update the microcodes for you, if you want. Please do not send me FPT dumped BIOS region that you then edited, I want the original dump before you edited it, that way I am not editing on top of possible failed edits.


Ah OK!
Regarding MC.bin, it is the short name I gave to this file ‘cpu806EA_platC0_ver000000E0_2020-06-17_PRD_BCACEE16.bin’.

I used H20EZE to replace the old microcode in the dumped bios with 'cpu806EA_platC0_ver000000E0_2020-06-17_PRD_BCACEE16.bin’

If you can mod to allow flash back and update microcodes, yes please. I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Here is the original dumped bios region:…HiJ0jquXluRf-bQ

@castillofr - Ohh, OK, then yes, that microcode can be used, in a BIOS mod, but not flashed directly. H2OEZE cannot be used to edit BIOS for this, it will brick the BIOS
I need your vars dump first, so I can help you to bypass error 368 and see if we also bypass error 167 too or not, if not then you need a flash programmer.
Yes, I will update all microcodes for you.


Is this OK for the vars dump?…118605132353530