How to setup bios uefi Raid 0 at ga z77p-d3(Gigabyte)

I have mainboard Gigabyte ga z77p-d3.
I need tutorial configurasi BIOS .
Raid 0 uefi BIOS.
Please how setup Raid 0 full uefi at ga z77p D3?.
My OS Windows pro 64bit.

@Dede :
Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!

These are the steps:

  1. Checking the BIOS for the required EFI modules:
    Make sure, that the mainboard BIOS contains EFI modules for the Intel RAID Controller (name: “SataDriver” or “RaidDriver”) and for the Intel Graphics Adapter (named “GopDriver”).
    If they are not already present, insert the suitable ones by following >this< guide.
  2. Creation of an UEFI bootable USB Flash Drive:
    Create an UEFI bootable FAT32 formatted USB Flash Drive with your desired Win10 Image by using a tool like Rufus.
  3. Creation of the RAID array (if not already previously be done):
    a) Enter the “BOOT” section of the BIOS, set CSM to “Disabled”, save these new BIOS settings and power off the PC for ca. 1 minute.
    b) Power on your computer, enter the BIOS, search for the option “Ïntel(R) Rapid Storage Technology” and click onto it.
    c) Create the desired Intel RAID array from within the Intel RAID Utility GUI and save it.
    d) Make sure, that it is shown as “bootable” (maybe you have to disable the “Secure Boot” option within the BIOS before).
  4. Boot off the previously prepared USB Flash Drive in UEFI mode and install the OS onto the just created RAID array.

That’s it!

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)